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Hate typing on a phone? Vysor lets you mirror your Android device onto your PC or Mac

5d ago - Vysor built a Chrome extension that allows you to mirror anything on your Android device directly... | Web

How To: Remotely control YouTube TV with your Android phone

6d ago - There’s nothing new about YouTube TV as the service has been available before Chromecast. Sure yo... | Software

Follow TechSpy on Twitter

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Microsoft Announces Public Beta of Cortana for Android

7d ago - Maximum PC: Microsoft isn't content to let Cortana exist solely on Windows devices, it wants to s... | Software

Your next Android phone will have fewer useless apps

9d ago - If you hate getting a brand new smartphone that's already full of preinstalled software, then we'... | Software

New data uncovers the surprising predictability of Android lock patterns

10d ago - The abundance of password leaks over the past decade has revealed some of the most commonly used—... | Culture

How To: Get the Android Marshmallow (6.0) boot animation on your Android device

10d ago - Owners of supported Nexus devices have the option of installing the latest preview version of And... | Software

How to Install New Android M Launcher on Android Lollipop

10d ago - Install the official Google Now Launcher of Android Marshmallow on your older Andr... | Gadgets

Stagefright 2: all versions of Android since 2010 hit by privacy-busting flaw

12d ago - Security researchers warn that privacy of victims may be at risk from hackers running their own c... | Software

How To: Charge your Android phone faster

13d ago - Few things are more annoying than preparing to leave the house only to discover that your phone h... | Hi-tech

Moto 360 2 could solve Android Wear’s size problem

13d ago - The next Android Wear smartwatch from Motorola may include small and large variants, though the “... | Gadgets

Top 5 most popular Android Apps of The Week [17th August 2015]

14d ago - Every week there is a lot of buzz which is created in the Android Market. Here are top 5 apps of... | Software

10 things an Apple fan would say about Your Android

14d ago - We all know an Apple fan - they’re insistent their devices are better than yours and they’ve got... | Gadgets

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note 2 Prime: Launch Date and Preview

16d ago - The Chinese makers have announced that the device will be equipped with the latest MIUI 7 and wil... | Gadgets

Oracle and Google Java code dispute returns to court

16d ago - BBC: Software giant Oracle is seeking to expand a legal complaint against Google's Android operat... | Web

The Different Android Display Types Explained

16d ago - There is a variety of different Android display types that are used in the industry, although not... | Gadgets

Android security patch 'flawed'

18d ago - BBC: An Android update designed to fix a security hole in the operating system is itself flawed,... | Gadgets

Hurry! Amazon is giving away a buttload of your favorite Android apps for free

18d ago - Amazon is at it again. They’re giving away a ton of your favorite premium Android apps free of ch... | Web

Microsoft unveils preview of Skype for Business for iOS and Android

19d ago - "In a blog post by Jared Goralnick, principal group program manager for the Skype for Business te... | Software

Google May Sell Android Phones for $30 in the Future

19d ago - Currently the Android One devices sell for around $100, or 6-7 thousand Indian Rupees. This is a... | Gadgets

6 ways to make the most of Google Photos for Android and iOS

20d ago - So long, Google+ Photos, and a big hello to Google Photos. What’s the difference, besides the mis... | Software

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Google Will Soon Bring Metal-Like, Low-Overhead Graphics API To Android

20d ago - "Google today announced that it will soon support the Khronos Group’s Vulkan graphics API on Andr... | Gadgets

7 First-rate Android apps you won’t find in the Play Store

20d ago - The immensity of the Play Store can be hard to grasp, but it does come with its own limitations.... | Software

Google to release Hangouts 4.0 for Android today!

21d ago - Google is rolling out new version of Hangout app for android devices with new features. Download... | Software

Major flaw in Android texting discovered

21d ago - "Recently, a rather disturbing flaw has been discovered in the Android platform. Joshua Drak, fro... | Phones

Google Official Blog: G Is For Google

21d ago - Google has unveiled a surprise restructuring, creating a new parent company called Alphabet Inc.... | Industry
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