How To Turn Your Android Smartphone Into An iPhone

Androidflux: There's no need to sell your Android phone for an iPhone because now you can turn your Android smartphone into an iPhone with in few minutes.

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Settler1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Hmm not bad, I even tried custom rom which totally changed my galaxy ace into iPhone. But in comparison to that,this is nice option to choose because you don't have to play with your firmware (y)

JANF1912d ago

What is this scraper site, using assets from another websites? (logo... wink, wink).

fatstarr1912d ago

why tho. if you wanted all this you should have just bought an Iphone.

DoomeDx1912d ago

1. iPhones are more expansive
2. Some people prefer the iphone style. While having the features of Android

fatstarr1912d ago

its in the same realm of people buying windows pcs to run mac osx or to style it like osx.

LOL_WUT1912d ago

Some people just can't afford an iPhone, thats why. As far as I know theres nothing wrong so I don't know why this bothers you. ;)

Enate1911d ago

I wouldn't say that because I just built a new computer for my girlfriend which will dual boot windows and osx. Attempting to build anything even close to it will cost you more then double on apples website. An it still won't match the performance and quality of individually chosen parts. However I do agree that if they were gonna go through all this they should of just bought an iphone. The price difference really doesn't exist these days unless you are buying some amazingly cheap android.

The_Blue1912d ago

But can an Iphone can into a Android phone? Nope.

chukamachine1912d ago

Article should read, how to turn your awesome phone into a poor excuse for a phone.

KwietStorm1912d ago

I'll leave the de-evolution to those who have something to earn from such an experiment.

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The story is too old to be commented.