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The INSTRUMENT1 is an instrument that lets you be the whole band

1h ago - The INSTRUMENT1 enables a new type of musical experience focused on exploration and creativity ra... | Gadgets

Oculus Plans to Go ‘Full Consumer’ on Next Gear VR

1h ago - VRFocus-By Oculus VR’s own admission, the Gear VR smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) head-moun... | Gadgets

Dyson launches 'revolutionary' hi-tech humidifier to improve sleep and combat ageing

1h ago - Dyson has launched a "revolutionary new device" capable of improving respiratory issues, reducing... | Gadgets

Virtual Reality and Your Health

1h ago - Tech~Nificant: While the new head wearing devices don’t seem as clunky, you’ve have to think that... | Industry

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Carmack: Gear VR Response ‘way better’ Than Expected

1h ago - VRFocus- Since December 2014 Oculus VR and Samsung have been slowly rolling out the Gear VR smart... | Gadgets

Carmack ‘Excited’ for HoloLens but No ‘Crossover’ with Oculus

1h ago - VRFocus- Back in January 2015 Microsoft revealed a brand new head-mounted display (HMD) in the fo... | Gadgets

7 huge questions Business Insider still has about the Apple Watch

1h ago - Apple will host an event on March 9 to give the world the final details on the Apple Watch, which... | Gadgets

Want to Know When It’s Time to Take a Dump? D-Free Will Help

7h ago - TechFrag - D-FREE. It’s a device that will give you a heads up minutes before your bowel movemen... | Culture

ZTE Grand S3 Now Protected Through Eyeball Verification

7h ago - TechFrag - ZTE, The company’s Grand S3 smartphone in China is now being equipped with a new featu... | Gadgets

Kids who love Minecraft can learn real-world engineering with this toolbox

7h ago - If your kids love to build in the virtual world of Minecraft, why not encourage them to be engine... | Gadgets

GDC 2015 Day 0: MindMaze Demos Brain Powered VR Headset [Video]

13h ago - Maximum PC: One of the running themes at the 2015 Game Developer Conference (GDC) is virtual real... | Gadgets

Switchmate seeks to smartify your home lighting set up | Cnet

1d 2h ago - Most connected light switch products require hardwired installation. Take the Belkin WeMo Light S... | Gadgets

HTC and Valve team up for the Re Vibe VR headset

1d 2h ago - Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Gear VR. Those are names anyone following th... | Gadgets

Cockroaches made to follow directions via wireless nerve stimulation

1d 4h ago - A team of researchers at Texas A&M University has found a way to control the path a cockroach tak... | Gadgets

Project Morpheus Release Window Revealed

1d 9h ago - VRFocus- It’s been a quiet year for the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displa... | Gadgets

AMD Announces New VR SDK Liquid VR

1d 19h ago - VRFocus- This week has already seen the announcement of one new virtual reality (VR) head-mounted... | Gadgets

Na-ion batteries get closer to replacing Li-ion batteries

1d 19h ago - As lithium resources continue to decline worldwide, the next generation of portable electronics w... | Gadgets

Fujitsu shows iris recognition system that unlocks phones

1d 19h ago - In the bid to come up with authentication solutions beyond passwords, fingerprint authentication... | Gadgets

Apple Car, Google Car. No Thank You.

1d 19h ago - Tech~Nificant: This is certainly not a call to halt progress, keep moving forward. I’m just wonde... | Industry

Why It’s Time To Buy Wireless Headphones

1d 19h ago - It’s winter in New York City, which means every time I go anywhere I spend fifteen minutes gettin... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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MWC 2015: Lets Talk About The HTC Grip Fitness Band

1d 20h ago - HTC’s new product, the Grip is not a smartwatch. It is a high-end fitness band that is designed f... | Gadgets

Cobra SPX 7800BT Ultra-High Performance Bluetooth Radar Dectector Gadget Review / Popzara

1d 22h ago - You can’t fault this speed trap avenger for not trying in everyday commutes. Full review by He... | Gadgets

A little tablet time probably won’t fry a toddler’s brain

1d 22h ago - Scientists weigh the pros and cons of smart screen time for toddlers. | Gadgets

NHL and OTOY Prepping VR Live Streaming for Hockey Games

2d ago - VRFocus- Last week VRFocus reported on news that NextVR was expanding its 360-degree sports cover... | Gadgets

This is a perfectly circular phone, and it's wonderfully weird

2d ago - Looking for a wearable that doesn’t label you as a tool? The Runcible might be your best bet. | Gadgets
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