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Forbidden fruit: Bill Gates' kids banned from Apple gadgets

TeleGraph : Melinda Gates, the wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has said her children are banned from owning Apple products such as an iPod.

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KingPin2005d ago

no real surprises here. linus travolds kids only use linux.

LOL_WUT2004d ago

Thats a rough way to raise a kid. Those parents should be banned from having anymore offspring.

FlameBaitGod2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

they can own anything in the world except an iPhone, yeah their life's are horrible /s

Gohadouken2004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

really ? they are "getting fat" from the wealth amassed by their parents by fighting against a rival , and the way to show gratitude would be to use said bitter rivals' products , especially in public for everyone to see ?

Mansour4492004d ago

What do you have here son ? An iPhone !! you are ungrateful boy.

Sorry dad , is it OK to get the new Galaxy ?

badz1492004d ago

go get a NOKIA! right now!

SilentNegotiator2004d ago

A Nokia?! Oh, those poor abused children :(

Blackdeath_6632004d ago

bad parenting, i would hate my parents if they did that to me. a parent is not supposed to decide how you live your life but teach you how to make the right decisions. a parent who decides for you even the kind of electronics you are or not allowed to use is doing it wrong you are supposed to decide stuff like that for your self to build your personality and personal preferences. chances are his children would grow to be insecure geeks like their father

FlameBaitGod2004d ago

I think the 1 who is insecure is the one on top of me.

MikeMyers2004d ago

They are helping people around the world. That's far better mentoring than arguing with your child what type of phone they can have.

You're spot on, he is right now trolling the forums to see what people at home eating Dorito's and wearing sweatpants have to say about his insecurities.

aviator1892004d ago

you're bashing the parents because they won't allow their kids to have a gadget? a gadget that has tons of other alternatives?

it seems as though you're the insecure one.

Gohadouken2004d ago

Not only is it not bad parenting , there is also an image involved .

Or do you imagine the kids of Real Madrid football team's owners parading around with a Barcelona jersey ?

badz1492004d ago

your parents are not the ones competing with Apple are they?

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mcstorm2004d ago

The way i see it why would anyone want a apple device over a windows device anyway? Especially with windows 8 rt n pro and windows phone 8 being out now they offer alot more than any apple device and have the same build quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.