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GIGABYTE Releases GA-H81M-Gaming 3 Motherboard - Tech4Gamers

5h ago - Today, Gigabyte has released the GA-H81M-Gaming 3 motherboard. This should be the first H81 Chips... | Hi-tech

J-deite Quarter is a Transformer that can walk and drive in real life

12h ago - Techprezz: Many of you must have watched the movie Transformers, but have you ever imagined a wor... | Hi-tech

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Giving Out $100m To Tackle Ebola

14h ago - Ebola Virus Disease isn’t new; it’s been with mankind for over three decades with several outbrea... | Hi-tech

AMD Tonga XT hasn’t been launched yet, but apple’s new iMac is packing it

3d ago - It seems like AMD Tonga XT is already exists, as the Radeon M295X is to use the full version of i... | Hi-tech

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Intel Broadwell-E Mass Production Begins In Q1 2016 - Tech4Gamers

3d ago - Intel Broadwell-E will continue to use the LGA2011-v3 Socket X99 chipset. 8 Core version and 6 co... | Hi-tech

Intel 14nm Skylake-S ES-1 Sample Pictured – Samples begin from Q2 2015

4d ago - Intel Skylake is the new architecture succeeding the die shrink that is Broadwell. It will come o... | Hi-tech

Japan approves construction of maglev bullet train that will travel 178 miles in 40 minutes

4d ago - When it comes to building high-speed trains Japan is continuing to embarrass the rest of the worl... | Culture

Ford Wants To Connect Plug-In Cars To The Cloud

4d ago - The rise of plug-in vehicles brings with it many benefits and opportunities to improve industries... | Industry

At Last: Technology To Make Injections Painless

4d ago - Scared of needles? You aren’t alone. According to some estimates, as many as 1 in every 10 people... | Culture

University of NSW students drive Sunswift solar car into the record books

4d ago - If a group of bright young sparks from the University of New South Wales have their way, a trip t... | Hi-tech

Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you

4d ago - Given the frenzy of interest following the announcement of the Apple Watch, you might think weara... | Industry

Researchers To Meet With Aid Workers To Build Ebola-Fighting Robots

4d ago - Computer World: Robotics researchers from around the country are working together to come up w... | Hi-tech

Lockheed Martin's New Fusion Reactor Might Change Humanity Forever

4d ago - Sploid: This is an invention that might change civilization as we know it: A compact fusion re... | Hi-tech

Disney Rendered Its New Animated Film On A 55,000-Core Supercomputer

4d ago - Engadget: Disney's upcoming animated film Big Hero 6, about a boy and his soft robot (and a ga... | Culture

Asus GR8 Console PC, Powerful then PS4 and Smaller in Size

5d ago - Its weight is only 2.83 pounds and size dimensions are 9.37 x 9.65 x 2.36 inches. In terms of spe... | Hi-tech

Samsung Packs Upcoming Developer Conference With VR Content

5d ago - VRFocus: South Korean technology giant Samsung has become one of the biggest names in virtual rea... | Gadgets

Why Maxwell didn’t get UVM - Tech4Gamers

6d ago - Ever wondered why one of the most awaited features of the newly dawned NVIDIA’s Maxwell was depri... | Hi-tech

Mysterious US space plane lands on California coast

6d ago - VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, California: A top-secret space plane landed on Friday at an Air Force... | Culture

House of Fraser: Oculus Rift a ‘game-changer’ for Retail

6d ago - VRFocus: Yesterday VRFocus reported on a new virtual reality (VR) shopping experience named Open.... | Culture

Scientists invent small camera that can see cancer

6d ago - Presently, cancer can be detected via image scans such as MRIs or PET scans, along with blood and... | Hi-tech

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Intel: 14nm process capacity lower than expected, still trying to climb

7d ago - Intel's CEO talked about this issue, “The last quarter of our overall performance was good, bu... | Hi-tech

Researchers Reveal The Ultrathin Material That Could Turn Your Clothes Into a Charger

7d ago - It could mean a mobile powered by your pants, and a smartwatch charged from your shirt. Researche... | Hi-tech

Samsung launches Exynos 7 Octa: 8-core, 64-bit CPU

7d ago - On the whole, Samsung promises that the Exynos 7 Octa will be 57% faster than its predecessor in... | Hi-tech

Wasp’s 20-Foot-Tall 3D Printer To Make Mud Houses in Rural Areas

8d ago - A new Italian company is demonstrating a super-tall, portable machine that will bring 3D-printed... | Culture

Italy's First Electric Supercar by Tecnicar Has a Whopping 789 Horsepower

8d ago - Italy is known for producing some of the world’s best supercars from automakers like Ferrari and... | Culture
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