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Google’s Project Tango Team Partners with NASA to Make Autonomous Robots In Space

14h ago - Google’s Project Tango smartphone isn’t just your average day smartphone, it packs in tons of spe... | Culture

Amazon to stoke Fire TV voice search, add app

23h ago - Just over two weeks after release the Amazon Fire TV streaming box is getting some significant up... | Gadgets

Sony Reveal Project Morpheus Multiplayer Plans

1d 2h ago - VRFocus: Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) Project Morpheus is the latest step into virtual rea... | Gadgets

Nokia stops sales of Lumia 2520 tablet over electric shock fears

1d 20h ago - Nokia has suspended sales of the Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet over fears that the charger could give y... | Gadgets

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

"The Illusion Of Life" Machine Can Mimic Human Whispers

2d ago - In an age of prosthetic limbs, 3D-printed organs, and artificial intelligence, intimacy seems to... | Hi-tech

Digital mirror reveals what lies under your skin

2d ago - Step in front of a mirror and see your skin and flesh stripped away, revealing your organs below... | Hi-tech

Formula-E: The Future of Cars Starts on the Side of a Race Car

2d ago - Sam Volkering from Tech Insider discusses the latest on Formula-E. "The cars look similar to r... | Hi-tech

Get ready to pay for things with your veins

2d ago - Fingerprint scanners like those on the latest iPhones could soon give way to another biometric id... | Web

PAX East 2014: Nvidia G-sync and GeForce takes PC gaming to new heights

2d ago - GamerFitNation: Nvidia was pumping out the power while we were at their booth at PAX East. GamerF... | Hi-tech

Nasa images suggest that Saturn is about to ‘give birth’ to a new moon

3d ago - New images from Nasa's Cassini-Huygens space probe suggest that Saturn may be in the process of f... | Culture

This Drone Footage of NYC Makes You Feel Like Spiderman

3d ago - You've never seen New York City like this. Well, you have if you've seen the Spiderman movies, bu... | Hi-tech

Zebra Technologies May Acquire Motorola Solutions For $3.5B

3d ago - Motorola Solutions may sell its enterprise division to Zebra Technologies in a deal worth about $... | Hi-tech

Google Glass Gets KitKat Support And Improved Photo Browsing, Loses Video Calls

4d ago - Anybody will be able to buy Google Glass tomorrow, but ahead of this, Google is giving the Glass... | Gadgets

Don't see it? It's the world’s first invisible skyscraper

4d ago - Now you see it, now you don’t. When it comes up in Seoul, South Korea, the Tower Infinity will be... | Culture

Checking the Claim: A Device That Translates Dolphin Sounds Into English

4d ago - Researchers used new technology to interpret a dolphin noise they say translates loosely to "seaw... | Hi-tech

Bend it, charge it, dunk it: Graphene, the material of tomorrow

5d ago - I just want to say one word to you. Just one word. No, fans of "The Graduate," the word isn't... | Culture

Netherlands introduces glow-in-the-dark road ways

5d ago - Glow-in-the-dark roads are now a thing in The Netherlands, at least on a 500 meter strip of highw... | Hi-tech

John Robb: How Emerging Technology is Empowering Individuals

8d ago - Former counter-terrorism specialist John Robb discusses the power that technology can give to an... | Hi-tech

Sonos adds Google Play Music, with Chromecast-style control on Android

8d ago - CNET: Sonos supports far more music services than any other wireless audio system and its lead co... | Gadgets

Your childhood memories go further back than you think, new study says

8d ago - It is generally believed by psychologists that the earliest memories of any person go back to abo... | Culture

BlackBerry could be the chauffeur in your future driverless car

8d ago - Italy’s VisLab has selected BlackBerry’s QNX OS to power its computer vision experiments in auton... | Hi-tech

AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Review - 11.5 Teraflops of Rendering Power | Eurogamer

10d ago - EG: "11.5 teraflops of rendering power - Digital Foundry stress-tests the world's fastest graphi... | Industry

Dark matter found? Gamma rays at centre of Milky Way promise clue to mystery of universe

10d ago - Scientists in Boston have released an image which they say could be the first time dark matter ha... | Culture

Samsung Gear Fit Is Beautiful, Inside and Out

11d ago - Mashable: When Samsung announced its ultra-sleek Gear Fit device in February, tech journalists he... | Gadgets

Is This the Last Console Generation?

11d ago - Gamespot: "Is the home game console market in trouble? Some analysts certainly think so. Despite... | Gadgets
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