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Freezing single atoms to absolute zero with microwaves brings quantum technology closer

12h ago - Physicists have found a way of using everyday technology found in kitchen microwaves and mobile t... | Culture

Pluto Has Strange 'Finger Print-Like' Marks In New Color Imagery

12h ago - Space.com The latest New Horizons' data pouring into NASA servers on Earth has returned color... | Hi-tech

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Bionic breakthrough for paralysed patients

12h ago - BBC Inside Out reports on the bionic breakthrough which gives new hope to people who have been pa... | Hi-tech

Quantum-dot spectrometer is small enough to function within a smartphone

12h ago - Instruments that measure the properties of light, known as spectrometers, are widely used in phys... | Hi-tech

Project Beyond Begins Sign-up For Prototype Kits

13h ago - Project Beyond by the Think Tank Team, from Samsung Research America beings sign-up process for u... | Hi-tech

Soundproofing with quantum physics

13h ago - Sebastian Huber and his colleagues show that the road from abstract theory to practical applicati... | Culture

Could This Machine Push 3-D Printing into the Manufacturing Big Leagues?

14h ago - MIT Technology Review: An emerging additive manufacturing technology could be fast and cheap... | Industry

MIT chemists design a quantum-dot spectrometer

14h ago - MIT scientists have now shown they can create spectrometers small enough to fit inside a smartpho... | Hi-tech

Producing spin-entangled electrons

14h ago - A team from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, along with collaborators from several J... | Hi-tech

Electrical nerve stimulation can reverse spinal cord injury nerve damage in patients

15h ago - Researchers find that nerve stimulation can improve the function of peripheral nerves damaged by... | Culture

Russian Cargo Spacecraft Will Launch to Space Station Early Friday

16h ago - Space.com: A robotic Russian cargo vessel will try to buck a negative recent trend when it lau... | Hi-tech

Better memory with faster lasers

16h ago - DVDs and Blu-ray disks contain so-called phase-change materials that morph from one atomic state... | Hi-tech

Solar Impulse sets flight record, aims for Hawaii landing tomorrow

1d 10h ago - Ars Technica: Approximately 10 hours ago, André Borschberg set the record for the longest sol... | Hi-tech

At the heart of Wimbledon lies the IBM bunker

1d 12h ago - Ars Technica: Deep underground, the IBM bunker keeps the technological tennis tournament ticking. | Hi-tech

Unity CEO Dismisses 'sour grapes' VR Interviews, 3D TVs a 'bad analogy'

1d 12h ago - VRFocus reports on Jon Riccitiello, CEO of Unity Technologies, dismissing recent 'sour grapes' in... | Gadgets

Secret US court allows resumption of bulk phone metadata spying

1d 13h ago - Ars Technica: A secret US tribunal ruled late Monday that the National Security Agency is fre... | Hi-tech

The Next at Microsoft Podcast Ep. 5 – The World of Wearables

1d 13h ago - In this edition, Desney Tan, Microsoft principal researcher, and Amish Patel, director of experie... | Gadgets

Samsung develops lithium-ion battery with nearly double the life

1d 13h ago - A team of researches affiliated with Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology, along with colle... | Gadgets

Kickstarter For 360 Degree Video Camera Sphericam 2 Goes Live

1d 20h ago - VRFocus reports on Sphericam 2 a new 360º video camera for capturing virtual reality (VR) content... | Gadgets

Unreal Engine 4 shots that are unbelievably realistic

2d ago - If you’ve played EVE: Valkyrie, you may have heard about Unreal Engine 4. While it may not be all... | Software

Indie Game Month Contest Details

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Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor may take smartphone security to new level

2d ago - A new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor measures 3-D image of your finger's surface and the tissue be... | Hi-tech

Samsung Gear VR Now Available To Pre-Order in Canada

2d ago - VRFocus reports on news from Samsung that the Samsung Gear VR is now available to pre-order onlin... | Gadgets

HTC Talks Vive, Valve Partnership and More

2d ago - VRFocus delivers an interview with HTC talking about the upcoming Vive head-mounted display (HMD)... | Gadgets

SamuraiVR Unveil Sting Virtua HMD

2d ago - SamuraiVR unveil Sting Virtua head-mounted display for virtual reality PC gaming. Shown at the Ab... | Gadgets

Crytek on VR: 'People should not be forced to buy one type' of Input Device

2d ago - VRFocus reports on the suggestion that Crytek doesn't feel consumers should be 'forced' to buy a... | Gadgets
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