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MSI GT80 Titan: Cherry mechanical keyboard and Nvidia GTX 980M in SLI

24m ago - The MSI GT80 Titan is an 18 inch portable notebook with a mechanical keyboard employing Cherry MX... | Hi-tech

Futuristic Windowless Plane Will Give Passengers The Real Joy Of Air Travel

24m ago - The possibilities are endless with modern technology. The next generation of commercial aircraft... | Culture

Are you ready for Android 5.0 lollipop ?

26m ago - The largest and most ambitious release for Android yet! This release is packed with new features... | Industry

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe Talks VR User Interface - Shacknews

28m ago - Shacknews - Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe discusses user interfaces in virtual reality in this excl... | Hi-tech

Get a Free Kindle Fire HD!

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Amiko launches wearable device for medicine bottles, asthma inhalers

28m ago - Amiko lauches a new type of wearable -- a wearable for medicine bottles. | Culture

Meet The Microsoft Band - Microsoft's Cross-Platform Cortana-enabled SmartWatch

33m ago - We've heard many rumors about it and witnessed FCC filings detailing Microsoft's wearable health... | Industry

Slovakia's AeroMobil 3.0 flying Car unveiled at Pioneers Festival

7h ago - TechPrezz: Cars? Oh yea you have heard about sports cars, SUVs, hatchback and cars that may run a... | Hi-tech

Alienware 13: Packing Core i5 and GTX 860M combo at a price tag of only $999 onwards

19h ago - Alienware 13 is equipped with a Core i5 processor and GTX 860M graphics card, memory is DDR3 -160... | Hi-tech

Tech4Gamers - A glance on PS4’s New OS Update features

1d 6h ago - The next Gen console gets a major update and lots and lots of features are proclaimed to be added... | Hi-tech

New processor architecture "Visc" is 40% faster than Intel’s Haswell

1d 6h ago - Two former Intel engineers who retired from the company in 2006 and in 2008 created a company nam... | Hi-tech

Electronic Skin Breakthrough Makes it Stretchy and Transparent

1d 6h ago - Geek: There’s a lot of research being done right now in the field of wearable electronics. We’... | Hi-tech

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World

1d 6h ago - Kevin Kelly of Wired: A few months ago I made the trek to the sylvan campus of the IBM researc... | Culture

255 Terabits/s: Researchers Demonstrate Record Data Transmission Over New Type of Fiber

1d 6h ago - Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands and the University of... | Hi-tech

NASA re-supply rocket explodes 6 seconds after launch

1d 6h ago - Launching rockets into space always has its share of failure even after countless hours of double... | Hi-tech

Turbocharge your Alienware laptop with the Graphics Amplifier

1d 18h ago - Ever think of adding GPU to your laptop? When this Graphics Amplifier is near to your Gaming lapt... | Hi-tech

Highly unexpected methane clouds sighted in Titan's stratosphere

1d 23h ago - Nasa scientists have recently identified an unexpected high-altitude methane ice cloud on Saturn'... | Culture

Tech4Gamers - GeForce GTX 680 sets a new record in the Aquamark benchmark

2d ago - The GTX 980 is leading in the market from Nvidia side, GM204 is fused on this card. However, GTX... | Hi-tech

Intel to unharness New Haswell EX/EP4S server processors in Q2 2015

2d ago - Intel has made some new adjustments in the schedule of its new Haswell server processors. Now, In... | Hi-tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) threatens existence of Humanity? Elon Musk thinks so

2d ago - TechPrezz: AI or Artificial Intelligence has always been seen as something sci-fi or kinda imposs... | Hi-tech

Tech4Gamers - Apple’s 5K iMac benchmarked: R9 M295X dominating GTX 780M

2d ago - The latest enlightenment on performance details and benchmark tests of the Apple Retina 5K iMac s... | Hi-tech

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T-Mobile’s CEO just unleashed a tweetstorm about the Apple SIM

2d ago - John Legere, Robin Hood of the mobile industry and CEO of T-Mobile just unleashed an unrelenting... | Industry

PS4 Webkit Exploit has been Discovered on Firmware 1.76 by Hackers

3d ago - This news might bring pleasure to the most of the players, who are using Sony's latest generation... | Hi-tech

Man Sells Ebola.com For $200,000

3d ago - Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donated $100m to facilitate research on Ebola remedies, a feat th... | Hi-tech

GIGABYTE Releases GA-H81M-Gaming 3 Motherboard - Tech4Gamers

4d ago - Today, Gigabyte has released the GA-H81M-Gaming 3 motherboard. This should be the first H81 Chips... | Hi-tech

J-deite Quarter is a Transformer that can walk and drive in real life

5d ago - Techprezz: Many of you must have watched the movie Transformers, but have you ever imagined a wor... | Hi-tech
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