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Why won't the FAA let students fly drones?

16h ago - From the the Seattle Space Needle to a fireworks show in Florida to Martha Stewart’s farm in upst... | Hi-tech

Modbook turns MacBook Pro into iTablet for a mere $2000

18h ago - Users usually purchase MacBook Pros because they are, in fact, great laptops. Apple fans requirin... | Gadgets

Oculus VR’s Antonov: ‘The killer application could come from anyone’

18h ago - Oculus VR’s second iteration of it’s development kit, aka DK2, is now shipping to developers acro... | Gadgets

Blood test could indicate predisposition to suicide

18h ago - While there are a wide range of scenarios that may cause a person to take their own life, the fac... | Hi-tech

The Walking Dead Meets Spider-Man

Now - Come join us on Filmwatch this month as we give you a chance to win the Electro Collector's Edition of Amazing Spider-Man 2 or the Limited Edition... | Promoted post

Movidius wants to change the way your smartphone sees the world

18h ago - Despite the promise of Google's Movidius-equipped Project Tango, there are still no depth-sensing... | Hi-tech

Life on the ISS as seen through social media

21h ago - Being hip to PR is certainly part of the job description for NASA astronauts, but some are especi... | Culture

Leaving Earth made the moon lemon-shaped

21h ago - Leaving home can change you – and the moon is no exception. As it drifted away from its parent, E... | Culture

Russian engineers create Chernobyl on a stick, blow up tech, laugh about it

1d 2h ago - If you’re willing to spend some time traveling the depths of YouTube, you’re bound to discover pl... | Culture

SIGGRAPH 2014: Emerging Technologies Preview | GeekNifty

1d 10h ago - Each year, SIGGRAPH-selected emerging technologies allow conference attendees to play with the la... | Culture

Samsung rolls out industry's first bendable UDH TV

1d 10h ago - South Korea's tech giant Samsung Electronics Co. said Thursday it will start sales of the industr... | Hi-tech

4 Cool Gadget Concepts We Would All Love To See Invented

1d 10h ago - Modern technology has facilitated an exponential evolution in mankind’s capacity to procure innov... | Culture

Mota $99 3D Printer: Too Good To Be True

1d 16h ago - An affordable yet high quality consumer 3D printer has turned out too good to be true, surprising... | Hi-tech

Ford and GM sued for millions over CD-ripping tech in cars

1d 16h ago - The copyright protection arm of the U.S. music industry is suing Ford and GM because the companie... | Hi-tech

Microsoft looking to bring virtual reality to the Xbox One

1d 18h ago - "Microsoft is looking to bring virtual reality to the Xbox One. Last week the company accepted FO... | Hi-tech

UK To Put Driverless Cars On Public Roads By January

1d 22h ago - The UK is planning to allow driverless cars to use public roads by next year. At the moment auton... | Hi-tech

Man-Made 'Breathing' Leaf is an Oxygen Factory For Space Travel

1d 22h ago - Cnet One of the persistent challenges of manned space exploration is that pesky lack of oxygen... | Hi-tech

'Milestone' for child malaria vaccine

1d 22h ago - Reporting in PLOS Medicine, researchers found that for every 1,000 children who received the vacc... | Hi-tech

Forget 4K, LG ships a 105-inch 5K TV

2d ago - You may remember LG showed off a 105-inch curved TV at CES back in January. Well, today it became... | Hi-tech

NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity Breaks Off-World Driving Record

2d ago - NASA's Opportunity rover on Mars has now boldly gone farther than any vehicle has before on the s... | Hi-tech

Smouldering smartphones: a brief history of mobile phone fires and how to avoid them

2d ago - Smartphones are a mixture of electronic circuitry and potentially volatile substances, or at leas... | Culture

The Robot Uprising is more Pixar than Terminator

2d ago - Sam Volkering writes on the future of Robotics, "Jibo is the kind of robot we can expect to se... | Hi-tech

Going The Distance With A Smart Shoe Made In India

2d ago - Forget Google Glass or Jawbone Up, the next wave in wearable tech might just be a smart shoe from... | Hi-tech

Apple refreshes 2014 MacBook Pro range with Retina Displays, 3.7Ghz CPUs

3d ago - Ahead of the iPhone 6′s rumoured September launch, Apple has quelled fan’s need for new hardware... | Hi-tech

Nanospheres to make lithium batteries four times juicier

3d ago - Batteries are wonderful creatures, powering our digital lives for days at a time. But as thirsty... | Industry

Kepler-421b exoplanet with longest known year. Now, stop complaining things are going slow.

3d ago - Alien planet Kepler-421b has 704 days in one year. That is about twice the number of Earth days t... | Hi-tech
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