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2016 is not the year to solve the biggest problem for AR/VR: cost

2h ago - VRFocus reports on John Riccitello, CEO, Unity Technologies says the VR market will grow slower t... | Software developer

Unity Getting Native Cardboard Support, Design Lab App Going Open Source

2h ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Google Cardboard is getting native Unity Engine support, with th... | Gadgets

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Valve Partners with Unity to Bring SteamVR Support to Unity Engine

2h ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Valve has partnered with Unity to bring native SteamVR support t... | Software developer

Serato's new iPhone app will automatically DJ your party

3h ago - Serato is best known inside the DJ world for making some of the most popular mixing software out... | Software

LG announces case for phone that doesn't yet exist

3h ago - In perhaps the most daring episode yet in what may well prove to be a heroic attempt to win the G... | Hi-tech

PlayStation Magic Labs Focusing on Hand-Tracking & Eye-Tracking for VR

12h ago - VRFocus reports on the news that PlayStation Magic Labs is looking at eye-tracking and hand-track... | Entertainment studio

NASA: VR Can Be Better Than Being There

12h ago - VRFocus reports on NASA stating that using virtual reality (VR) technology can be better than act... | Gadgets

Oculus Giving Free Four Month Trial of Unity to Rift Pre-Orderers

12h ago - VRFocus reports on that news that Oculus Rift pre-orderers will be getting a free four month tria... | Gadgets

Unity Reveals VR Scene Editor

16h ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of the Unity VR Scene editor from Unity Technologies, allowing for... | Gadgets

Sonos to officially support Apple Music starting tomorrow

19h ago - After launching in public beta last December, Sonos has revealed that it will officially add supp... | Hi-tech

“Huge” number of Mac apps vulnerable to hijacking, and a fix is elusive

20h ago - Camtasia, uTorrent, and a large number of other Mac apps are susceptible to man-in-the-middle att... | Software

The best video cameras and camcorders of 2016

1d 7h ago - Despite the onslaught of smartphones, all of which now come equipped with sensors and hardware th... | Industry

Indian officials claim man was killed by a meteorite impact over the weekend

1d 18h ago - Indian officials claim that a man was killed by a meteorite strike on a college campus in the sou... | Hi-tech

NASA’s Orion capsule has made it to the Kennedy Space Center

1d 21h ago - Orion, the manned crew capsule currently under development, survived the evisceration of the Cons... | Hi-tech

This robot cockroach could eventually help search-and-rescue teams

1d 22h ago - The sight of a cockroach on the run may strike fear into your heart, but what if it were running... | Hi-tech

An awesome person made this automatic Lego paper airplane machine

1d 22h ago - Lego is perhaps the greatest toy in the world. You can build anything you can imagine, whether th... | Hi-tech

The US Air Force wants to deploy ‘arsenal planes’ to improve the F-35’s limited firepower

1d 23h ago - One of the limits of stealth aircraft, including the F-35, is that they have to carry their armam... | Hi-tech

Samsung Gear S2 3G review - CNET

1d 23h ago - CNET - One of the biggest complaints of smartwatches is that they're really just dependent access... | Gadgets

Now you can get Zeiss lenses for your iPhone

2d ago - Zeiss is best known for its top quality camera lenses, with a reputation stretching back decades... | Industry

​Google DeepMind's Artificial Intelligence Can Now Explore 3D Mazes Just Like Humans

2d ago - The genius minds of this world have always asserted that Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps tackl... | Hi-tech

Oculus VR guru John Carmack leads crucial position-tracking development for mobile VR

2d ago - Oculus VR has one of its biggest brains working on a feature that could make mobile virtual reali... | Industry

Hands-on: LifePrint AR printer lets you share GIFs, Live Photos and Vines in real life

2d ago - LifePrint creates photos equipped with augmented reality that can be shared remotely via its conn... | Software

Smart cube lamp shows emoji and sets the mood

2d ago - Suddenly, the smart light bulbs you bought look downright simple. LED cube lamps have been aroun... | Gadgets

Sony action cam that needs a train to carry it

2d ago - Sony demonstrated this last point with a smartphone and one of its RX100 compact cameras. The s... | Industry

Smallest-ever optical switch revolves around one atom

2d ago - It's actually smaller than the light beam it needs to work. We've seen some ridiculously tiny el... | Hi-tech
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