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Dyson’s New Teaser Explains Why They’ve Been Spending So Much On Robots

2h ago - Dyson is teasing a big announcement for September 4, and it released a new video teaser to get pe... | Hi-tech

An F1 Car Doing Donuts Looks Even Cooler in Infrared

15h ago - Doing donuts in a Formula One car is cool. Thermal imaging also is cool. Combine them and you’ve... | Culture

NVIDIA Cuts GeForce GTX TITAN Z Price by 37%, But For OEMs Only

15h ago - The original price of Gtx Titan Z were $2,999, but now offers a 37% price reduction, the new pric... | Hi-tech

Schrödinger's cat caught on quantum film

17h ago - Schrödinger's cat is the poster child for quantum weirdness. Now it has been immortalised in a po... | Culture

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Why Government Researchers Think We May Be Living in a 2D Hologram

17h ago - Operating with cutting-edge technology out of a trailer in rural Illinois, government researchers... | Hi-tech

All this ping pong table needs to throw a rave is a strobe light

1d 5h ago - Engadget - Your souped-up table tennis setup for Saturday night beer pong sessions would tremble... | Hi-tech

A smart and versatile theranostic nanomedicine platform based on nanoporphyrin

1d 5h ago - Nature - Multifunctional nanoparticles with combined diagnostic and therapeutic functions show gr... | Hi-tech

Leap Motion's next sensor is designed specifically for virtual reality

1d 5h ago - Engadget - Virtual reality has made huge strides in headgear recently, but developers are still g... | Gadgets

Here Comes The Personal Submarine

1d 17h ago - Remember that time right after you got your driver’s license, when you pulled up to that attracti... | Hi-tech

Water-powered phone chargers are coming to downtown Seoul

1d 17h ago - Engadget - Unless you've made a habit of carrying around a solar charger, topping off your phone... | Hi-tech

Heritage bank power suit the new way of payment

2d ago - Recently Heritage Bank in Australia comes up with Japanese clothing manufacturer MJ Bale to do so... | Industry

NASA Engineers Working On New Autonomous Robots

2d ago - What do you do when you’ve got a daunting task ahead of you? One possible answer is dividing the... | Hi-tech

NVIDIA Shield tablet starts Cracking : NVIDIA offers free return

2d ago - May be the reason of this issue is Heat, generated by 192 Cores Tegra K1 chip and temperature lea... | Gadgets

Intel XMM6255 Modem : The world’s smallest independent 3G modem

2d ago - Intel has officially released the world’s smallest independent 3G modem named as XMM6255 , the si... | Industry

New Weapon Against Cancer

3d ago - Humans have been fighting disease since forever. The fact that we’re here today serves as proof b... | Hi-tech

GUNNAR Technology Eyewear Helps Minimize Eye Fatigue And Optimize Vision

3d ago - It's not uncommon to see people blessed with 20/20 vision to wear anti-glare or anti-reflective g... | Hi-tech

Leaked Windows 9 details reveal upgrade offers, ability to backup & restore system image from cloud

3d ago - Microsoft is gearing up to release Windows 9 Enterprise Technical Preview next month as it's been... | Software

China Is Working On A Supersonic Submarine

4d ago - In news that would be immediately worrying if not for the technological hurdles associated, Chine... | Industry

FTA: Production plant capable of 200,000 PS4 units annually to operate by the end of 2014

4d ago - Sony will lease a 500 square meters warehouse for Model Testing and packaging of PS4. By the end... | Industry

RoboBrain marks the dawn of cloud robotics

4d ago - "RoboBrain is the new attempt of artificial intelligence researchers to create a cloud-based data... | Hi-tech

Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post

AAA Battery-Powered Water Splitter

4d ago - There’s no need for an introduction to our love-hate relationship with fossil fuels. They’re limi... | Industry

South Korea based LG bets on high end OLED technology as future of televisions

5d ago - SEOUL:LG Electronics Inc. announced two new giant OLED TVs with ultra-high definition screens Mon... | Hi-tech

AMD to launch A68H chipset in September: Support 2 USB 3.0 interface

5d ago - AMD will launch an upgraded version of A58 Chipset in September. The original A58 chipset does no... | Hi-tech

SpaceX rocket explodes during test flight

6d ago - A SpaceX rocket exploded in midair during a test flight, though no one was injured, as the compa... | Hi-tech

How to Break Cryptography With Your Bare Hands

6d ago - With enough technical savvy, simply touching a laptop can suffice to extract the cryptographic ke... | Hi-tech
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