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The Government Wants to Delete Years of CIA and DHS Emails

10h ago - On September 17, the National Archives published a seemingly routine announcement in the Federal... | Industry

Three quarters of Britons consider internet access a 'human right'

10h ago - There is overwhelming public support for the idea that access to the Internet should be a human r... | Culture

Swedish ISP to let users shield Internet activity from police

10h ago - Swedes have started to sign up for a free service from ISP Bahnhof to hide their Internet communi... | Web

The Matrix Metaphor of the Deep Web

10h ago - If you have ever been on the Deep Web, you already know it’s a crazy place. It’s notorious for it... | Culture


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Why the FBI can never regulate online Drug Trade through the Darknet

10h ago - For every “major victory” the government seems to gain in the battle against drug trade in the on... | Culture

eBay’s Black Friday sale has some of the craziest deals we’ve seen – everything you need to know

10h ago - eBay is the one website we can always count on for huge deals all year round, and the site has ju... | Gadgets

Twitter’s plan to acquire a Bieber startup leaked by accidental tweet

18h ago - Selfie-obsessed app could join Twitter—unless a CFO's mistaken tweet killed the deal. In terms... | Industry

Amazon inching closer to Jabong acquisition; deal could be worth $1.2B

18h ago - E-commerce giant Amazon.com, Inc. has completed its first level of talks to acquire Rocket Intern... | Industry

The Pirate Bay Goes Down Locally

22h ago - The Pirate Bay is suffering some downtime in parts of the U.S. The TPB crew says that the issues... | Web

Google makes it easier for you to see all the devices connected to your account

1d 15h ago - After adding functionality to its search client yesterday, Google is rolling out a new security-o... | Web

Old TV signals could deliver free 'Supefast Wi-fi' across the world

1d 15h ago - HITC Tech says: "Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have proposed that o... | Web

Global online population hits 3 billion: ITU

1d 19h ago - The world's online population has edged over more than 3 billion people, according to the United... | Web

The UK is still a long way off being ready for the Internet of Things

1d 19h ago - Earlier this year, the UK government announced that it will give the Internet of Things (IoT) a £... | Industry

Amazon now offers delivery to your Post Office

1d 19h ago - Amazon is getting serious about Christmas. The big day is getting ever closer and people are beco... | Industry

Microsoft and Yahoo vie for control of Safari's search

2d ago - Mozilla is making the switch to Yahoo search from Google for its default option in the US, and Ap... | Industry

Social media causes grave damage and must be regulated

2d ago - Bullying unacceptable at home or in school but fine on social media, writes Chris Johns In th... | Culture

New York City's ambitious free Wi-Fi plan sounds great, unless you live in a poor neighborhood

2d ago - TheVerge - Last week an ambitious public Wi-Fi project called LinkNYC was unveiled: an effort tha... | Web

Yahoo Mail Outage Lingers into Day Four Due to Severed Undersea Cable

2d ago - Some Yahoo Mail users are suffering through a fourth consecutive day of service interruptions, th... | Web

8 Netflix Tricks You Just Can’t Live Without

3d ago - Find out how to hide the embarrassing stuff you've been streaming. One of the main reasons Net... | Web

How to add a U2F Security Key to your Google Account

3d ago - Your Google Account is important. "One login, all of Google" also means one login will not only g... | Gadgets

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3 Things Every Amazon Prime Member Should Know

3d ago - Amazon has put big money into enhancing its Prime service, which, when it first began, simply off... | Web

Dislike That Computer Engineer Barbie Book? This Tool Lets You Rewrite It

3d ago - The short version: Mattel publishes a “I Can Be A Computer Engineer” Barbie book. Seemingly inten... | Culture

Why the government keeps telling you iPhone encryption will eventually kill a child

3d ago - The U.S. government doesn’t appreciate the increased personal data protection measures tech compa... | Web

If you help someone’s tweet make a splash, wouldn’t you like to see the ripples?

3d ago - At some point in the past couple of weeks, Twitter switched off the notifications that let me kno... | Web

9 myths about social media at work

4d ago - Avinash Kaushik, an Indian entrepreneur, author and public speaker, once tweeted that “Social med... | Web
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