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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responds to timeline backlash: 'we get it'

4h ago - "Twitter is here to stay," Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said today, after BuzzFeed reported that timel... | Web

The internet is broken – could crowdsourcing be the solution?

4h ago - The internet is not fit for purpose. If it was designed today from nothing, would it use the clie... | Industry

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Twitter employee learns about social network's harassment problem firsthand

4h ago - There's a lot of reasons why people keep coming back to Twitter, but there's definitely one that... | Web

So, my Gmail inbox started getting these weird emails

7h ago - My Gmail inbox is a clean, spam-free place, and I like to keep it that way. Like many of you, I u... | Web

Why India matters to Silicon Valley

7h ago - India added 100 million new users to the Internet in 2015, taking the country to more than 400 mi... | Industry

Box makes it easier for businesses to control encryption of cloud data

7h ago - Box has made it easier for its customers to control how stored data is encrypted with an update a... | Web

Verizon just blatantly betrayed net neutrality by excluding its video app from data caps

7h ago - The FCC's net neutrality rules, passed last year, explicitly ban internet providers from a number... | Web

Serious flaw discovered in Avast's security-focused SafeZone browser

7h ago - A Google security researcher found a serious vulnerability in the Avast SafeZone browser that doe... | Web

What Not To Post On Facebook In Each Of The 50 States

7h ago - Is your state selfie-loathing or fed up with food pics? | Culture

The 2016 Presidential Campaign – a News Event That’s Hard to Miss

7h ago - About nine-in-ten Americans learn about the election in a given week, but they are divided over t... | Web

Apple, Amazon and Google want to stream NFL games | ZDNet

7h ago - Apple, Amazon, Google, and Verizon are working on getting streaming rights for Thursday night NFL... | Web

4 Reasons Tribal Lands Lack Better Access To The Internet

7h ago - Both the FCC and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture independently run several programs intended to aid... | Culture

Congress Might Actually Be Moving Forward On Fixing Outdated Email Privacy Law

7h ago - TechDirt: We've been talking about and asking for ECPA reform for many, many years, and it might... | Web

It's 2016 And The EU Is Just Now Getting Ready To Decide If Hyperlinking Is Legal

7h ago - Earlier this week, we wrote about a legislative attempt in France to outlaw hyperlinking without... | Web

How Facebook updated 'six degrees of separation' (it's now 3.57)

7h ago - If you pick any two Facebook users, it's been calculated there's an average of 3.57 "degrees of s... | Culture

Twitter has suspended 125,000 ISIS accounts since mid-2015

1d 3h ago - Twitter is coming clean about its efforts to fight terrorist-aligned accounts. In a new blog post... | Web

Twitter's timeline will soon show tweets out of order

1d 3h ago - Ever since Twitter first launched, tweets have been organized in reverse chronological order. Tha... | Web

Comodo will fix major flaw in knock-off Chrome browser

1d 10h ago - Comodo said it is planning to release on update on Wednesday that fixes a severe vulnerability in... | Web

Spotify gives Amazon Echo a dose of on-demand music

1d 10h ago - Amazon Echo gets millions more songs with Spotify, but only with a $10 per month Premium subscrip... | Web

Hackers targeted 20 million Alibaba customer accounts

1d 10h ago - Hackers tried to access over 20 million active accounts on the Taobao shopping site, Chinese stat... | Web

GPS error caused '12 hours of problems' for companies

1d 10h ago - Several companies were hit by hours of system warnings after GPS satellites broadcasted the wrong... | Web

Ares Rights Gets EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter For Posting Mild Criticism

1d 10h ago - Techdirt: We've written a few times now (including just recently) about the Spanish firm Ares Rig... | Culture

Publicity Rights For A Photobombing Horse? Owner Demands Cut Of Photo Prize

1d 10h ago - We've written many, many words on the ridiculousness of publicity rights, and how they're frequen... | Culture

Key And Peele To Livestream An 'Upcoming Sports Game' That They Can't Name

1d 10h ago - Every year about this time, it's become a running joke what the NFL tries to do in controlling wh... | Culture

Fansubbers Take Anti-Piracy Group BREIN to Court

1d 10h ago - A group of fan-made subtitle creators are taking the Hollywood-backed anti-piracy group BREIN to... | Culture
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