Mark Zuckerberg Topless Pic - Privacy Malfunction?

TGM : A photo of a topless Mark Zuckerberg is burning up the Internet right now ... immediately fueling suspicions of a major Facebook privacy screw-up.

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coolbeans1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

It's apparently a big deal. I's TMZ reporting we're talking about.

AgentWhite1829d ago

Mark talks about privacy feature of facebook , ironically the privacy of his own life was compromised some how and is burning the web all around .

adorie1828d ago

this isn't the first time his privacy was compromised.

personal pictures of him and his wife were put up on a blog site, created specifically just for that, not long ago.

fatstarr1828d ago

what privacy settings

that guy prolly has 1million subscribers
on the internet once you post it its there for life.
takes milliseconds for at least 1 person to see it.

LightofDarkness1829d ago

Why, this must mean that Facebook is a failure and Mark Zuckerberg is a LIAR!! EVERYBODY PANIC!!


Hayabusa 1171829d ago

Hang on, doesn't this mean Mark is living by his philosophy of no privacy? Damn it, I wanted to hate on him like everyone else...

AgentWhite1828d ago

what if someone from yahoooo ....

Speed-Racer1828d ago

Calm down, bro. Is this the first barebacked guy you've seen?

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The story is too old to be commented.