New MegaUpload 90% complete

The Future Post: With just 37 days remaining, MegaUpload is close to a comeback.

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Speed-Racer2067d ago

"Buys 3 years of MegaUpload Hosting .... gets shut down a week later"

Crazay2066d ago

I've never used Mega Upload before and kinda doubt I'll use it now for the EXACT reason you painted. "Shut down"

It has been a rather interesting story to follow though.

Speed-Racer2066d ago

If he diversifies, I guess he does stand a better chance, but operating as a file locker alone, I think people are very scared to invest since I haven't seen any reputable/long lasting services since.

Baka-akaB2066d ago

given how quickly people still invested in other filelockers , even with each shutting down one after another ... i doubt MU has to worry about people coming back .

Especially as one of the few that actually managed to come back

Cablephish2066d ago

It's funny, a few days before MegaUpload went down, me and a bunch of school friends were considering purchasing an account so we can all use it. Good thing we hadn't. :S

tidusforeverx22066d ago

I did the same damn thing.... I hope he uses the old records and hooks everyone up with at least their remaining time....

Crazyglues2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

And they say "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

Well tell that to the U.S. Goverment and the other idiots who decided to shutdown MegaUpload based off of record labels and movie companies influences... "A women Scorned ain't got nothing on, Kim Dotcom...LoL"

Instead of actually proving a crime was happening by the company the Record and Movie companies used the gov. to close down a site they felt was as big a threat as Napster.

Sadly the Gov. didn't even understand how it works.. So they just trusted the movie and record companies on what was happening.. big mistake.

Now it's most likely going to come back to bite them as MegaUpload Kim Dotcom is making threats to be bigger and better then it ever was before... and if you think it was killing the movie and record business before, oh you are in trouble now.... LoL

(Because now Kim Dotcom really knows how to get around the copy-write laws, now that you have taken him to court with a half-ass case.)

There is a saying in poker, "Never show your hand unless you know for sure you can't lose for doing so.."

Kim Dotcom - 1 - U.S. Gov - 0

KwietStorm2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

I'm not arguing with your points, it was all well said and I would expect nothin less from you Huey, but Megaupload clearly lost the first battle. It can't be Kim dotcom - 1 Government - 0

We'll have to wait and see what actually comes of this.

adorie2066d ago (Edited 2066d ago )

no, Crazyglues is right. Kim actually won because the gov had nothing on him. They used their power to destroy his business but think about this for a moment.. what did Kim walk away with?

He walked away with being wiser to the situation. I have heard exciting things about this "V2 of Megaupload" and we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

Kim needs to get so big that his money has influence and hopefully is able to fight the retarded, excuse me the recording industry and movie industry on even ground. While farfetch it's entirely possible in this crazy day and age.

kane_13712066d ago

Are you freaking kidding with me?
What did they need to prove?
the dude's website had servers filled with copyrighted materials from all over the globe and universe, for all I could imagine, and not only did he provide people access to them for free and without permission, but also made a profit by advertising and charging people for services that helped the download progress .

It has crime written all over it.

3GenGames2066d ago

What makes you think the US government can enforce laws here on what people have on their servers based in other countries? They have no authority. They won't make the same mistake, megaupload is here again, and it'll be here for a while.

dboyman2066d ago

I hope Megavideo service comes back....

Plagasx2066d ago

So you can download all your porn?

dboyman2066d ago

No. Watch all the tv shows I like to watch streaming online without the slowness that you get with other services. On a tight budget and cable (esp in Canada) too expensive, and I only watch a few shows.

Speed-Racer2066d ago

There's Porn Hub for that.

GrumpyVeteran2066d ago

HD Porn FTW - Don't like generic streaming services ... too low quality nowadays.

fatstarr2066d ago

bracing for the comeback that will disrupt the world

Agent_hitman2066d ago

Expect more PC game repack or rip when this File hosting site comes back.. lol