Every Time You Torrent, Feds Log Your IP in Just Three Hours

Gizmodo: Anyone who has downloaded pirated music, video or ebooks using a BitTorrent client has probably had their IP address logged by copyright-enforcement authorities within three hours of doing so. So say computer scientists who placed a fake pirate server online—and very quickly found monitoring systems checking out who was taking what from the servers.

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Soldierone2088d ago

Was trying to transfer a game to my Vita today, was met with DRM crap. Since I purchased the game (yep I bought the game) on a different account than the one I use on my Vita, I couldn't transfer the content. I have to buy it AGAIN to do that.

I had it happen with movies ALL the time. I try to transfer digital version of movies I PURCHASED to another computer, to my zune, to an Ipod, to anything and it had all kinds of roadblocks and issue about it checking the "original device" etc....Its annoying.

Then you get to video games on PC, and DRM has almost ruined entire friggin games. These are all issues for people PAYING for the product. You go pirate it, or simply download a pirate version to make life easier, and things are better. You can transfer it to whatever the hell you want with no issues at all. Gee wonder why more people are jumping ship?

It's funny how quick the government is to protect these companies blaming pirates for all their issues, but yet bigger issues with real people get blown over....If I started putting millions of dollars in their pockets, would I get special treatment too?

pompombrum2088d ago

That's exactly the problem... it's far easier and more convenient to pirate things. Is it a valid excuse? No not really but the gigantic pain in the ass of all this DRM makes it look very lucrative.

KingPin2088d ago

you are 100% correct.

its this simple, if companies remove drm crap consumers might actually buy their products.

bottom line is, if someone wants the content(music/movies/software) and they have no interest in paying for it, they will pirate it whether there is drm or not. if people are willing to pay cash for it, they will.

PCGamingNoobs2088d ago

exactly, all the crap that comes with genuine stuff is stupid.

i go to the shop buy a film i put it in my dvd or bluray player. warnings come on then piracy adverts come on, then more copyright issues come on then trailers come on, then more thank yous for purchasing a real copy comes on then stupid menus come on then finally i can watch the film.

i torrent a film i press play and i watch it.

are they stupid, can they not see why people gets pissed off!

ziggurcat2088d ago

@ soldierone:

re: vita - was this a digitally distributed game? because i think theoretically you can have any game you've purchased on up to 2 different devices (it used to be 5)... so couldn't you just re-download the game on your vita with the account you used to pay for the game, log out then log back onto your vita with the other account?

@ kingpin:

i'm pretty sure it was people stealing games that led to all of the DRM nonsense to begin with, so i don't think getting rid of DRM will actually help anything. like you said - if they have no interest in paying for it, they'll pirate regardless of whether there's DRM.

Soldierone2088d ago

You can only be logged in to one account at a time on the Vita and its a pain to switch it (and i dont have another memory card) I've had a PS3 since launch, and I switched accounts at one point, thats where the issue is.

Also if I'm not mistaken, didn't Hollywood start the whole DRM stuff? It happened with dual layer discs and not being able to burn them etc...

But its still a valid point. The people pirating have no will to buy the thing to begin with, so its not lost sales like they make it out to be. You take pirating away, then less people watch your movie and nothing else changes because the people STILL won't buy the product. Personally if I see a movie and I like it, I'll buy it. So why wouldn't people pirating be the same way? People like to pay to support things they enjoy, but if you are punished when you do buy it then why bother at all? Its like "yay your reward is 15 minutes of un-skippable anti-pirate messages, the ability to work through hassles to transfer the file to anything, and constant reminders that we believe you stole it! Just ignore the guy over there that has to put up with none of this."

ziggurcat2088d ago

hmmm... please forgive my ignorance because i have no experience with switching accounts on the vita, but do you actually need a second memory card to be able to use your other account?

and i do know that with the non-digital, "disc-based" vita games all you have to do is delete everything related to the game off of your vita on the initial account and it can freely be used with another user account. i had to do this when i sold golden abyss to the buddy of a friend of mine once i had completely finished the game, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to play it!

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Flavor2088d ago

If one actually reads the article, the researchers stated that they only found monitors on 'top 100' torrents of recent movies and music releases. So this is targeted at people who steal the choicest consumer IP's. And really, what kind of defense is there for stealing a screener of the avengers?

raytraceme2088d ago

IDK like wanting to watch it again at your own convenience? Went to the theaters and watched it twice. Then I felt like watching it again so I just "Pirated" it.

T3MPL3TON 2088d ago

What people fail to realize is that this is just a scare tactic. They literally can't even do this.

The only way that'd be possible is if they hid something within the program (which hackers deconstruct to look for these types of things) to track you.

So other than doing that they'd have to hire people to look after IPs and find their location.

This would take MUCH longer than 3 hours.

Just continue downloading whatever you want.

They can't stop you and they can't track you. They can get you IP which is exactly what any other person in the world can do. Your IP means nothing. Plain and simple.

SJIND2088d ago

So technically the government are actually breaking their own laws by putting up servers that actually help transmit pirated data to users? Even if it is to just see the logs, surely this would be a massive case breaker for them?

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