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‘How Movie Studios Exploit Video on Demand Services’

8h ago - The best way for Hollywood to defeat piracy is by making content available, legally. To further t... | Web

FCC Warns Internet Providers To Comply With Privacy Rules

8h ago - While some Internet service providers are aching to track users’ every online move so they can an... | Web

Coming to Firefox: Ads based on your browsing history

1d 4h ago - Mozilla is on a mission to show that online advertising can be done without violating a user’s pr... | Software

Fingerprint unlocking to go mainstream with Android M

1d 4h ago - We're hearing a number of rumours around possible new features of Android M in the run up to its... | Software

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Apple Wants Local TV in Its Web TV Service, Which Could Lead to Delays

1d 4h ago - If Apple launches a TV service, it won’t be the first company to offer TV subscriptions over the... | Video

The thrill is gone, but iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 may be more stable

1d 4h ago - iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 won’t fall far from Apple’s existing tree, as the iPhone, iPad and Mac softw... | Software

You might actually use Apple Maps if this update happens

1d 4h ago - It's cool to hate on Apple Maps. After all, it hasn't had the most sterling track record since it... | Software

The new Spotify: Video killed the radio star?

1d 4h ago - Today Spotify becomes less of a music service and more of an entertainment hub. Under the banner... | Services

mSpy admits hacking and data theft

2d ago - A company offering software that allows people to spy on others has admitted it has been hacked a... | Software

Spotify is diving headfirst into streaming video and podcasts

3d ago - Streaming services are fighting for pole position constantly, but Spotify continues to outpace al... | Services

This is (cloud) war as Google cuts prices again

4d ago - Google has slashed the prices for its cloud computing platform – more specifically on compute – a... | Software

Protests grow against Facebook's

4d ago - The backlash against Facebook's "free mobile data" scheme has spread across the globe. | Web

Google Reportedly Adding Buy Button To Sponsored Mobile Search Results

5d ago - Searching for and buying a product with your smartphone is about to get a bit easier. Google is r... | Web

Facebook Might Let Businesses Contact Customers Through WhatsApp

5d ago - Facebook Inc. said it may allow businesses to contact users through WhatsApp, the first hint of h... | Web

EU carriers plan to block ads, demand money from Google

5d ago - Multiple mobile operators in Europe plan to block advertising on their networks, with one of them... | Industry

Use privacy software if you want to be safe from Facebook, warns watchdog

5d ago - A Belgian watchdog has urged all Internet users to download privacy software specifically to shie... | Web

China's Xiaomi lands in the US, but leaves some things behind

5d ago - Ambitious but cautious, too, the smartphone maker puts the focus of its new online store on acces... | Industry

1-In-10 U.S. Households Sharing Passwords For Netflix & Other Streaming Services

5d ago - A new study confirms that video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, have qui... | Web

Netflix opens up about plans to launch streaming video service in China

6d ago - Netflix's ambition to stream video all over the world gained a little more legitimacy on Friday w... | Industry

Instagram’s Layout Comes To Android

6d ago - Instagram’s own photo collage creator Layout is now available on Android, after launching on iOS... | Software

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

"The Netflix for pirated movies" Popcorn Time found a home in your web browser

6d ago - Anyone can be a pirate these days, it's as easy as opening up a web browser. Don't believe me? He... | Video

How misbehaving at school made one man a multimillionaire

6d ago - There are not many people who have become multimillionaires as a direct result of misbehaving at... | Culture

Google Might Be Trying to Kill Windows Phone by Cutting Developers' Ad Revenues

6d ago - It's not enough that developers are not that interested in bringing their apps to Windows Phone,... | Software

Samsung affirms Tizen is here to stay, says it’s “The OS of Everything”

6d ago - Tizen is a new platform in the smartphone world (though it’s been developing for a few years now)... | Software

Samsung To Rival Apple With Samsung Pay, Kills-off Samsung Wallet

7d ago - Samsung plans to discontinue Samsung Wallet, the company’s plan was revealed in an email sent to... | Services
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