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FBI seeks hacker after 1.2 billion logins are stolen

3h ago - The FBI has linked a hacker to the theft of 1.2 billion internet credentials - the largest heist... | Web

Ideal Gifts: Chromecast Audio lets old speakers tap into Spotify, Pandora and more

8h ago - In the Ideal Gifts series, The Next Web team shares personal recommendations for gifts to give th... | Industry

PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

Google Fixes Search Bug, Refutes Yelp Inc Allegations

8h ago - Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) says that the mobile search algorithm of its local search engine contain... | Industry

These 3 judges hold the fate of the Internet in their hands

8h ago - Next week, a federal appeals court in Washington will hear one of its biggest cases of the year,... | Industry

Do Everything in the Car Hands Free With Google Now

8h ago - By now, you know that you should never be texting and driving, but as a tech enthusiast, putting... | Gadgets

China Punishes VPN Users In Its Rural Northwest By Cutting Their Mobile Service

9h ago - China’s crackdown on VPNs, software that enables Internet users circumvent the country’s web cens... | Industry

Facebook Growing Its Instant Articles In Asia

9h ago - Facebook is looking to connect the billions of people still without Internet access, by using sat... | Industry

Amazon resets passwords that might have been 'exposed'

15h ago - Did you recently get a notice that Amazon changed your password? You're not alone. Numerous reade... | Web

Under Attack: An interview with a hacker

17h ago - What Mobile writes - We sat down with white-hat hacker Steve Lord for an exclusive interview on t... | Culture

Naver to challenge YouTube dominance in South Korea

22h ago - The internet company laid out its future global strategy at Connect 2015 in Seoul last Tuesday --... | Web

How this French IoT startup has designs on US smart-city systems

1d 1h ago - With its mobile payment and urban services technology already in use in 20 European cities, Conne... | Industry

Alphabet wants its startups to behave like companies

1d 1h ago - A report from The Wall Street Journal suggests that Alphabet wants its startup-like subsidiaries... | Industry

Root Level Certificates Found Preinstalled on Dell Laptops

1d 1h ago - After Lenovo was raked over the coals for including hidden adware software that worked its magic... | Industry

Google Launches Android Studio 2.0 With Improved Android Emulator And New Instant Run Feature

1d 1h ago - Google today launched version 2.0 of its Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE)... | Gadgets

Using the Internet 100x more efficiently

1d 6h ago - Storage and network bandwidth often substitute for each other, depending on which is cheaper. Now... | Web

Sci-Hub, BookFi and LibGen Resurface After Being Shut Down

1d 6h ago - A few days ago several large online repositories of free books and academic articles were pulled... | Web

Google+ gets the pivot of the year

1d 19h ago - Google's forced integration of everything with Google+ failed. So in the past year, the company h... | Web

Google Can Still Remotely Reset Passcodes of Millions of Android Devices: Report

1d 19h ago - Google can remotely reset the passcodes of a large pool of handsets running older versions of its... | Hi-tech

IPOs, the New Down Rounds?

1d 19h ago - It’s become a meme in tech circles, “IPOs are the new down round,” venture capitalists quip. | Services

Samsung’s Gear VR Commercial Is Surprisingly Good

1d 20h ago - TechCrunch : After speaking with some folks in the virtual reality community after Gear VR’s laun... | Services

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Google Launches Cloud Datalab Beta

2d ago - At the recent Google Cloud Platform Next experience event in Paris, Google announced a beta data... | Industry

Fitbit adds automatic exercise tracking for Surge and Charge HR

2d ago - Fitbit Charge HR and Surge users no longer need to worry about whether they’ve remembered to log... | Gadgets

Publishers: Here’s your counter-move to Apple’s ad blocking

2d ago - With Apple pushing ad blocking with its iOS9 release, and with the whole online advertising ecosy... | Industry

Facebook just launched a chat app for companies that's a direct threat to Slack

2d ago - Just as the main consumer version of Facebook has the standalone Messenger app for users to send... | Industry

Apple Pay review - Techradar

3d ago - Apple's digital wallet collects our credit card numbers and charges without us taking out a walle... | Software
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