6 Important PC Tools Most People Never Use

Virtually everyone who owns a computer and is connected to the Internet knows about the security implications. Most people do worry about malware and I would like to think that only a few run a computer without an antivirus program or other security-related software. However, there are many more important PC tools that most people never use, even though they are essential for running a stable and secure system.

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fatstarr2622d ago

good article reminding me of things i need to do...
I never use any of that stuff because its so time consuming.

i like everything except password manager i don't trust it i think people are secretly watching it and waiting to steal all of your info.

michass82622d ago

Agree, your head should be the password manager lol but the rest of them, yeah we need them... by the way my laptop is getting a bit slow, time for all those treatments LOL

fatstarr2622d ago

a virus scan with crap cleaner and some tweaks and self management speeds a computer up nicely.

outwar60102621d ago

lol is it wrong that i use pc decrapifier a my primary uninstaller just because i love the name

toaster2621d ago

Wow, definitely was not expecting this to hit 1000 degrees.

I don't think I have ever backed up my computer.. lol. I think I tried once but Windows is so stupid that it won't tell me how much space it needs for the backup, and then an hour in it pops up a box that says there's not enough space on the drive I had. Freakin dumb.