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Ford Wants To Connect Plug-In Cars To The Cloud

6h ago - The rise of plug-in vehicles brings with it many benefits and opportunities to improve industries... | Industry

Nine real technologies that will soon be inside you

6h ago - Given the frenzy of interest following the announcement of the Apple Watch, you might think weara... | Industry

Gigabit cellular networks could happen with 24GHz spectrum, FCC says

6h ago - The Federal Communications Commission is starting to plan for cellular networks that can send use... | Industry

Microsoft's Nadella talks cloud, inequality, and why he's against a spinoff

6h ago - CNBC: Microsoft has already proven its potency in the cloud era, and is one of three companies wi... | Industry

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Hacking and the Power of Social Engineering

6h ago - You may think of a hacker as some social reject sitting behind a computer screen with green numbe... | Culture

That's why I hate Apple!

6h ago - Android users are not stupid to hate on the iphone or hate Apple in general; there are some solid... | Industry

BBC uses Doctor Who game to teach kids how to code

7h ago - Doctor Who and coding, who would've known? | Culture

A Man Invested In An Apple Supplier Wrote A Heartbreaking Letter Protesting The Company’s Bankruptcy

16h ago - When multimillion-dollar businesses file for bankruptcy, the small-time investors don’t usually g... | Culture

IBM to pay $1.5B to spin off chip division

19h ago - IBM announced a deal clearing chip maker GlobalFoundries to acquire the tech titan's microelectro... | Industry

Google's Third Quarter Profit Misses Target as Advertising Growth Slows

19h ago - Maximum PC: Google enjoyed another overall strong quarter for the period ended September 30, 2014... | Industry

Apple Supplier Cuts More Than 700 Jobs After iPhone 6 Snub

1d 10h ago - An Apple supplier that had banked on the use of its sapphire crystal in the recently launched iPh... | Industry

Cortana will be more like Google Now

1d 17h ago - Cortana is now getting an update, that will bring features to the engine similar to those we can... | Industry

Apple's new iMac 5K Retina display sets the trend in image quality - hard to match

1d 18h ago - The October 16 Apple Keynote event was foreshadowed by hypes and leaks tirelessly circulating the... | Industry

What Piracy Taught Me About Life

2d ago - Piracy is seen as something you shouldn't do, but bootlegging and pirating taught whistleblower a... | Culture

House of Fraser: Oculus Rift a ‘game-changer’ for Retail

2d ago - VRFocus: Yesterday VRFocus reported on a new virtual reality (VR) shopping experience named Open.... | Culture

Apple India continues strategy shift with iPhone 6 midnight sale

3d ago - Apple's first midnight launch saw buyers queueing up from Thursday night at stores that stayed sp... | Industry

How Does TOR Work?

3d ago - how, exactly, does TOR work? Well, it’s complicated. At the beginning, TOR was not meant fo... | Industry

What is TOR? What can I use it for, and How?

3d ago - What began as the security project for military and law oriented firms has now transformed into s... | Industry

Microsoft passes Google as it reclaims its place as 3rd largest market cap

3d ago - For a while, it seemed that Microsoft would never catch back up to Google’s market cap. Back in 2... | Industry

Microsoft shows love for iPad Air 2 with new “Bing Gadgets” feature announcement

3d ago - In an official Bing blog post today, Microsoft revealed a new feature for its Bing search engine... | Industry

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The Legal Quandaries of Google Glass

3d ago - Google released its highly anticipated optical head-mounted display (OMHD) to the general public... | Industry

“It’s a terrible company”: Comcast not welcome in city, council says

3d ago - The City Council in Worcester, MA does not want Comcast coming anywhere near its residents. The c... | Industry

AMD Sees Decline in Computing and Graphics Segment, Readies for Round of Layoffs

3d ago - Maximum PC: AMD's revenue for its fiscal third quarter of 2014 was flat sequentially and down 2 p... | Industry

Android 5.0 Lollipop vs iOS 8 – upgrades and improvements

4d ago - Google has announced the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop yesterday, while iOS 8 was launched in t... | Industry

Smartwatch launched by

4d ago - has just launched the Puls smartwatch yesterday, and the timepiece actually looks prom... | Industry
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