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Apple now makes more money from Macs than iPads

33m ago - When Apple first introduced the iPad back in 2010 it was heralded as a "magical and revolutionary... | Industry

Samsung Speeds Up Production of Curved S6 With Demand Soaring

16h ago - Samsung Electronics Co. began production at a third factory for curved smartphone screens sooner... | Industry

80% of Philips TVs for 2015 will be Android TV

16h ago - At the IFA Global Press Conference in Malta, Philips TV division, TP Vision, has talked about the... | Industry

Microsoft’s Q3 2015 – Cloud Doubles as Nadella Reformation Spreads

2d ago - At the age of 40, some think that Microsoft should just defer to the new kids on the block and be... | Industry

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Why Microsoft Won't Abandon the Cloud Anytime Soon

2d ago - Maximum PC: If it appears that Microsoft has its head in the cloud these days, it's because it do... | Industry

Liquid Batteries for Solar and Wind Power

3d ago - "An industrial park on the outskirts of Pullman, Wash., 10 white storage trailers sit side by sid... | Industry

Facebook profits beat expectations as users grow

4d ago - Facebook has reported better-than-expected first quarter profits as well as growing monthly activ... | Industry

Acer Aspire R7-371T, a new laptop with interesting features

4d ago - Being portable and having a visually appealing look can be considered practical, Acer Aspire R7-3... | Industry

Inside Marissa Mayer's plan to take on Google

4d ago - During a conference call to report Yahoo's first quarter earnings on Tuesday, CEO Marissa Mayer t... | Industry

Reflecting on Nine Years Writing for Maximum PC

5d ago - Maximum PC: Wow, has it been nine years already? Happily (or sadly, to some of my critics), this... | Industry

Apple invents the mechanism that defy the laws of Murphy

5d ago - We all know that Apple likes to put a lot of energy in developing respectful products. But what t... | Industry

Sign Ups Open for HTC Vive Developer Kit Edition

5d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that the HTC Vive Developer Kit edition has opened sign ups for studi... | Industry

New Storage Format could store 220 Terabytes of Data

5d ago - IBM and Fujifilm have come up with a way to fit 220TB of data onto a cassette-like tape that fits... | Industry

HBO Now Blocks Smart DNS Users, Leaves VPN Users Untouched

6d ago - April 21st is here, and HBO has followed through on their threat to disable HBO Now users located... | Industry

Linksys Wins Race to 100 Million Router Sales, Sets Sites on Connecting Cuba

6d ago - Maximum PC: Linksys today announced that it has sold over 100 million wired and wireless routers... | Industry

NorthOut is a Boston based startup that helps take your startups concept to finished product

6d ago - Launching a successful startup is challenging. You need an idea, the money to back it up, busines... | Industry

Google lobbying spending reached new high in early 2015

6d ago - Google Inc (GOOGL.O), already one of Washington's biggest spenders, set a company record for its... | Culture

Find out what did the scientists from NASA discovered on Mars?

6d ago - Scientists have used one of the instruments from the on board Mars rover Curiosity and it seems t... | Industry

Metal-organic-frameworks provide new catalyst material for industry

6d ago - Researchers have developed a new catalyst material that outperforms benchmarks and opens the door... | Industry

Why Comcast’s merger with Time Warner Cable may be in deep trouble

7d ago - Comcast's massive $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable appears headed into rocky regulatory... | Industry

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Is Google a fading force?

7d ago - The day after the EU accuses Google of abusing its dominance of the search market, new figures ar... | Industry

The new Google store where Customers can “fly” above the planet and create logos!

7d ago - The Google Group opened its first store in a shopping street from London, Tottenham Court Road fa... | Industry

What changes will the social network Facebook have in the next period?

7d ago - The online social network Facebook give the public more information about the type of things that... | Industry

Germany still has some way to go to 'smart factories'

7d ago - Collaborative robots and intelligent machinery may have wowed the crowds at this year's Hannover... | Industry

Elon Musk from SpaceX wants to bring the Internet in space!

7d ago - The director of SpaceX is developing a network of satellites above the Earth that could speed up... | Industry
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