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Inno3D shows prototype 3D printer at CeBIT 2015

1d 20h ago - Known for its powerful graphics cards, the Inno3D brand has begun branching out to include a numb... | Industry

Netflix Wants to Make VPN Piracy Obsolete

2d ago - In recent months Hollywood has pushed Netflix to ensure that VPN users can't access their service... | Industry

Facebook Hints at 2015 Release Date for Oculus Rift

2d ago - VRFocus reports on a tease from Facebook that the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted d... | Industry

Google Working on Project to Let You Receive and Pay Bills Directly Inside Gmail

2d ago - Google’s mission to organize the world’s information is now targeting your physical mailbox. | Industry

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Robots may take your job within 20 years from now

4d ago - An industry expert warns that as much as 50% of the human job force in the United States could be... | Industry

Average United States Download Speed Jumps 10Mbps in Just One Year to 33.9Mbps

5d ago - The most recent average US download speed from Ookla Speedtest for March 2014, is 33.9Mbps (these... | Industry

Windows Store making apps more expensive next month

5d ago - The Windows Store is increasing its prices by as much as 20 % across the world as the value of th... | Industry

Meerkat has a lot to learn from Hang w/, the godfather of the live-streaming app world

5d ago - Before Meerkat, there's been one live-streaming video app that has been holding the block down fo... | Industry

This robot can erase buildings AND recycle the concrete

5d ago - With the ERO Concrete Recycling Robot, no more gigantic piles of debris. This robot takes down th... | Industry

Apple Glass: venturing into augmented reality

7d ago - The Apple Glass might be in the works as analyst says the company is already recruiting members f... | Industry

Internet Explorer was hacked in only 17 seconds at Pwn2Own

7d ago - Internet Explorer 11 suffered a harsh defeat from 360Vulcan at the Pwn2Own hacking competition in... | Industry

Amazon drone trial gets US regulator approval

8d ago - The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Amazon's plans to begin testing drones... | Industry

Android Wear is coming to luxury watches

8d ago - Tag Heuer will be the first Swiss watchmaker to use Google's wearable platform | Industry

Reporting Twitter Threats To Police Has Become Easier

9d ago - Twitter is improving its abuse and threat-related features so that people can more easily deal wi... | Industry

I haven't paid for TV in three years, but it sounds like Apple is going to change my mind

9d ago - Steve Kovach of Business Insider explains his optimism towards Apples new approach to Television. | Industry

There are 2 competing ideas for the car of the future — and only 1 can win

9d ago - Over the past year, the car of the future has gone from being a topic of speculative discussion t... | Industry

Inside The Satellite Detective Agencies That Catch The Companies Destroying The Planet—From Space

9d ago - Now that everyone has access to pictures from space, it's time to use them to stop the hidden act... | Industry

Tim Cook On Apple's Future: Everything Can Change Except Values

9d ago - In an exclusive Q&A with FastComoany, Apple's current CEO discusses the Watch, how Steve Jobs inf... | Industry

Internet Providers Win Court Case Over “Pirate Tax”

10d ago - Belgian Internet providers have won their court case against music group SABAM, which had demande... | Industry

NVIDIA CEO, Jen Hsun Huang, and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, talk about Self Driving Cars

10d ago - At the GPU technology conference, the NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang held a discussion on self driving... | Industry

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Apple Plans Web TV Service in Fall

10d ago - With all the latest companies getting into the streaming TV business, it only makes sense that Ap... | Industry

Windows 10 Launching This Summer in 190 Countries and 111 Languages

10d ago - Microsoft confirms that we will see Windows 10 this summer after all, in 190 countries and 111 la... | Industry

Valve & HTC's Vive Confirmed for VRLA Spring Expo

10d ago - VRFocus reports on the announcement that HTC & Valve's Vive will be playable at this weekend's VR... | Industry

Satellite images as new warning tools against border conflicts

10d ago - Satellite imaging can help governments and organizations monitor military activity in order to tr... | Industry

AeroMobil Flying Car to Take Off in 2017

10d ago - TechFrag - AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik and co-founder Stefan Klein want to bring driving from 2D... | Industry
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