Google releases version 10 of Chrome

Earlier today Google launched the 10th version of their web browser; Google Chrome. Get all of the information and a list of new features here!

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technologymob2686d ago

Tempted to switch. Chrome needs more developer tools then I am sold.

xino2686d ago

you really need to switch.
it's definitely fast!

and about the developer tools.
you can get third party tools created by others and they are fun and worth having.

i'm using the Youtube stopper which stops youtube videos from playing when I load a page, this allows the video to full load then I can watch all without the middle stopping.

There are many extensions out there that will make your Chrome damn cool.

Just think of Chrome as Iphone with tons of app, app is what make iphone great. Just like app/extension is what makes chrome great!

technologymob2686d ago

I've not looked into developer tools much but I can't imagine there is anything better than Firebug which is my favourite FF plugin!

xino2686d ago

i don't know about developer tools or what you are looking for, but there are lots of development extensions for Chrome.

norman292685d ago

@ Tech theirs already a Firebug style tool pre-installed with chrome, and from what i can see its pretty much the same too just a few minor changes.

toaster2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

@ xino

I have about 20 extensions right now. In my opinion, this is one of the best out there. It makes accessing tools a lot easier. It's called Chrome Access. Everyone should have it, especially developers.

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nkranz2686d ago

If you hit CTRL-SHIFT-J in chrome it will open the built in developer tools and they are surprisingly good! You should definitely give it a shot. but like Xino said, there are PLENTY of good extensions you can download too!

michass82686d ago

I've switched long time ago, great browser, I am a happy user :)

technologymob2686d ago

It is fast and is definitely better when it comes to memory but in as a web designer there is only one real choice at the moment!

crazyclown2686d ago

firefox 4 beta is pretty good to be honest, but both are great!

khamvongsa092686d ago

Proud to be a Chrome user :)

toaster2685d ago

Same here bro. I used to be hardcore FireFox too.