China to clean up porn on phone apps

1h ago - China has launched a campaign to clamp down on pornography circulated on smart phone applications... | Culture

New Gesture Controlled AVG Alarm Clock App Debuts on Amazon Fire Smartphone

1h ago - AVG Technologies, the online security company™ for 187 million active users, today announced two... | Software

Google must face U.S. privacy lawsuit over commingled user data

1h ago - A federal judge rejected Google Inc's bid to dismiss a privacy lawsuit claiming it commingled use... | Web

Researchers claim our universe could be just 'one bubble in a frothy sea of bubbles'

1h ago - The universe could be a bubble amongst a 'frothy sea' of other bubble universes, scientists have... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

NASA-Google Smart SPHERES tested on International Space Station

1h ago - "A clever detachable hybrid system between the famous SPHERES (Synchronized Position Hold, Engage... | Gadgets

Nokia Lumia 530 arrives with Windows Phone 8.1, sub-€100 price

1h ago - MICROSOFT DEVICES on Wednesday unveiled the Nokia Lumia 530 smartphone, a Windows Phone 8.1 devic... | Phones

Target Launches Image Recognition Shopping App To Boost Sales

6h ago - Target's new shopping app called "In A Snap" allows shoppers to simply scan the item in its magaz... | Software

5.000 OnePlus One invites are being given away in new contest

6h ago - "OnePlus is sending out no less than 5.000 invites for the highly sought after OnePlus One smartp... | Phones

Microsoft posts a record $27.76 billion operating income for fiscal 2014

7h ago - Today was an important earnings call for Microsoft as the software giant announced their Q4 as we... | Industry

Your smartphone will soon Analyze your DNA from your Spit

7h ago - TechFrag - "Researchers are currently underway on finding ways to develop a screen that can detec... | Hi-tech
90° will allow you to check if there's any Drug involved in your Drink

7h ago - TechFrag - "A new sensor called has popped up on Indiegogo, which the creators are claiming... | Gadgets

Digital tattoos, innovative screen locks and more

7h ago - "The new Moto X comes with a promising and innovative new feature, almost spy-tech, even. Basical... | Gadgets

Sony's 6.4" Xperia Z3X may have 22MP camera, 2.86Ghz CPU, Android L and 4GB RAM

8h ago - Another Sony phone, another rumour. Sony's 6.4" Z3X may have an insane 22MP camera and other lapt... | Phones

Sony Launched 7.7mm-Thin Xperia T3 in India

8h ago - Sony, refreshing its mid-range smartphone segment, launched the Xperia T3 in India and the phone... | Phones

New Broadband Users Shun UK Porn Filters, Ofcom Finds

8h ago - BBC: The vast majority of new broadband customers in the UK are opting out of "child friendly"... | Culture

Edward Snowden's preferred OS has a major security flaw

8h ago - Engadget: Think you're safe from spies because you're using Tails, the same Linux distribution... | Software

Was Google in talks to buy Spotify?

8h ago - Was Google considering buying Swedish music streaming service Spotify? It all depends on who you... | Web

Google is rolling out a new Material Design-inspired version of Google Play for Android

8h ago - Google has begun rolling out a new, feature-rich layout for the Google Play store on Android, ins... | Software

British Government might be Legalizing the Piracy

8h ago - TechFrag - "Britain’s Anti-Piracy Acts encourages no penalties for illegal downloading." | Culture

Samsung's curved, 105-inch 4K TV can be yours for just $120,000

8h ago - There were so many TVs on display back at CES, that you'd be forgiven if they all blended togethe... | Gadgets

Apple’s iPhone 6 launch will be even bigger than anyone imagined

8h ago - Apple has told suppliers to make between 70 million and 80 million combined 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and... | Phones

Researchers achieve 10Gbps Li-Fi data transmission

8h ago - A Mexican software company has managed to transmit audio, video and internet across the spectrum... | Industry

Next VRLA Meetup Dated, Detailed

8h ago - VRFocus - While the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) remains as one of the key meetups withi... | Gadgets

Microsoft announces $199 Windows 8 laptops to take on Chromebooks

11h ago - TechFrag - "Microsoft readies a price assault on Chromebook and fight the rise of Chromebook with... | Hi-tech

Tesla Model S hacked during a Security Contest in Beijing

12h ago - TechFrag - "Students hacked Tesla Model S and made all its doors pop open IN MOTION. You won't be... | Culture
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