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iPhone 5 will replace White iPhone 4?

Everybody heard rumors about the release of the white iPhone 4, and many even saw pictures that proved its existance.

Apple will further delay the release of the white device in March, because of the launch of iPhone 5, and hope that the white iPhone 4 will be forgotten.

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comancsm2888d ago

i think that white iPhone 4 will not be released

Sashamaz2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Apple is not one to break promises, if it says coming soon then it's coming.

Adu882887d ago

We can't know for sure..

Adu882887d ago

i would like the release of iphone 5 directly better..

Adu882887d ago

and to make it right..they should release a white iphone 5 :)