Children spend six hours or more a day on screens

1h ago - The amount of time children spend glued to a screen has risen dramatically in the last 20 years,... | Culture

Benchmark: DirectX 12 vs. Mantle & Dx11 on a G3258 CPU, 4790K, Titan X, & 290X

11h ago - GamersNexus: "Consoles have long touted the phrase 'close to the metal' as a means to explain tha... | Gaming

New insights found in black hole collisions

1d 4h ago - New research provides revelations about the most energetic event in the universe—the merging of t... | Culture

Seeing the (UV) light: Previously undetected difference in human mutation rate unique to Europeans

1d 4h ago - Although humans are a single species, not all genetic variation is shared between populations – a... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Counterpoint: We still need and want devices with disc drives

1d 4h ago - Disc drives are being seen less and less – and that's a major problem. | PC hardware

Point: Devices Without Disc Drives Are Logical Next Step

1d 4h ago - Disc drives are going the way of 8-tracks and cassette tapes—and that's OK. | PC hardware

10 Future Technologies That Will Change The World

1d 13h ago - There were times when we used to play Tetris on an awkward looking device with two battery cells... | Culture

Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech

2d ago - We as human beings are programmed to run after things that make us look good in public even if we... | Gadgets

Intel / Micron Announce 3D NAND Production with Industry's Highest Density: >10TB on a 2.5" SSD

2d ago - Intel and Micron are jointly announcing new 3D NAND technology that will radically increase solid... | Hi-tech

Governments want to regulate bitcoin – is that even possible?

2d ago - The UK government has shown its intention to regulate bitcoin and other digital currencies, drawi... | Services

Proving Einstein Wrong with 'Spooky' Quantum Experiment

2d ago - Quantum mechanics is one of the best-tested theories in science, and it's one of the few where p... | Culture

Key Takeaways From The OnePlus AMAA On Reddit, Besides Confirming The OnePlus 2

2d ago - If you're a regular Reddit user, you probably didn't miss the OnePlus AMAA hosted on Reddit earli... | Phones

Bogus Branding - "SATA III" Cables vs. "SATA II" Cables

2d ago - GamersNexus: "About a year ago, we published a piece notifying our readers of hoax HDMI-to-VGA pa... | PC hardware

New unobtrusive electrode system for persistent brain-computer interface

2d ago - Noninvasive recording of electroencephalograms has applications in neurology, health and brain-co... | Hi-tech

3,000 atoms entangled with a single photon

2d ago - Physicists from MIT and the University of Belgrade have developed a new technique that can succes... | Hi-tech

The truth about how Spyware affects you

3d ago - Do you access the internet through your computer or smartphone? If you do, you are vulnerable to... | Web

How Hi-Res can Hi-Res Get?

3d ago - Sam Volkering of Tech Insider discusses resolution from SD to 8k. "When I was at CES in Januar... | Video

The private investigator who spies using drones

3d ago - Aerial vehicles are the latest tool for private detectives – but for how long? Rose Eveleth of th... | Culture

Tiny bio-robot is a germ suited-up with graphene quantum dots

3d ago - As nanotechnology makes possible a world of machines too tiny to see, researchers are finding way... | Culture

Physicists solve low-temperature magnetic mystery: Mechanism of the Kondo Effect unlocked

3d ago - Researchers have made an experimental breakthrough in explaining a rare property of an exotic mag... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

5 High-Tech Contact Lenses That Could Change The World

3d ago - As wearable vision correction goes, it doesn’t get more low-key than contact lenses. The thin len... | Gadgets

Best Gaming Ultrabooks: March 2015 Buying Guide

4d ago - When someone says gaming notebook, probably the first thing that comes to our mind is thick and e... | PC hardware

7 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook in 2015

4d ago - Ten years ago Facebook was just cresting as the cool new social media site that helped you keep i... | Web

Is social media playing with our emotions

4d ago - Ask yourself: Is social media playing with your emotions? | Culture

5 Things Galaxy S6 Can Do That The iPhone 6 Can’t

4d ago - Samsung, on the flip side didn’t listen to her consumer base, that’s why Samsung Galaxy S5 was an... | Phones
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