Finally Apple has approved Pebble’s Apps

7h ago - Apple took some more time to support the most recent savvy applications from Pebble which was tru... | Gadgets

Will Americans buy unlocked phones from Chinese brands?

7h ago - The historical relationship between phone buyers and wireless carriers in the US is one of codepe... | Industry

My dentist saved my tooth, but wiped my memory

7h ago - After simple dental surgery, William lost his ability to form new memories. What happened? This r... | Culture

Is the seat-back movie about to die out?

7h ago - Airlines feel the pressure to keep us constantly entertained while we’re up in the air. Is wi-fi... | Industry

'Map Of Life' predicts ET (So where is he?)

20h ago - The author of a new study of evolutionary convergence argues that the development of life on Eart... | Culture

Astronomers predict fireworks from a close encounter of the stellar kind

21h ago - Astronomers are predicting a close encounter between a stellar remnant the size of a city and one... | Culture

Quantum-dot spectrometer is small enough to function within a smartphone

21h ago - Instruments that measure the properties of light, known as spectrometers, are widely used in phys... | Hi-tech

Here's What Makes Apple Music Different

21h ago - Apple Music has just launched as part of the latest iOS 8.4 update. The music streaming service o... | Audio

New test of hydrogen sulfide backs up superconducting claim

21h ago - A combined team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute and Johannes Gutenberg University, b... | Culture

Soundproofing with quantum physics

21h ago - Sebastian Huber and his colleagues show that the road from abstract theory to practical applicati... | Culture

FBI reveals possible cutting edge virus threats

22h ago - Rapid multiplication of the virus category ransomware malware attacks gives serious trouble both... | Industry

Producing spin-entangled electrons

23h ago - A team from the RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science, along with collaborators from several J... | Hi-tech

Better memory with faster lasers

1d ago - DVDs and Blu-ray disks contain so-called phase-change materials that morph from one atomic state... | Hi-tech

Advanced imaging reveals key structure of Ebola and other RNA viruses

1d ago - Viruses need us. In order to multiply, viruses have to invade a host cell and copy their genetic... | Culture

Five reasons why Spotify should worry about Apple Music

1d ago - Last night’s release of Apple Music, formerly known as Beats Music, has people wondering about th... | Services

Driverless Cars: Insurers Cannot be Asleep at the Wheel

1d 18h ago - In 2020 Google plans to launch a self-driving car which has already driven nearly one million mil... | Culture

How to make Windows easier to use for people with poor vision

1d 21h ago - The Guardian: George struggles with fonts on small laptops and so wants a portable with a big... | Software

Samsung develops lithium-ion battery with nearly double the life

1d 21h ago - A team of researches affiliated with Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology, along with colle... | Gadgets

Best iPhone 6 Cases of 2015

1d 22h ago - Ranking Squad writes: "Since the launch of the iPhone 6, we’ve seen thousands and tested hundreds... | Phones

SpaceX Failure Leaves Long List of Customers in the Lurch

2d ago - The June 28 failure of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is almost certain to deal a blow to the revenue p... | Culture

Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post

How Augmented Reality Could Truly Improve Our Future

2d ago - For the most part, augmented reality has always seemed like something out of this world, only to... | Gadgets

Who will get Windows 10 for free? And what will be its price?

2d ago - Windows users are indeed very curious about what the new software from Microsoft will bring to th... | Industry

Will Apple Music be another Ping of disappointment?

2d ago - As it gets late in the day, and Apple’s launch of Apple Music tomorrow draws ever closer, many wi... | Industry

Here's seven of the best iPhone 6 cases money can buy

3d ago - Here are 7 of the best iPhone 6 cases on the market today, offering solid protection against the... | Phones

When a Company Is Put Up for Sale, in Many Cases, Your Personal Data Is, Too

3d ago - You’ve signed up for a dating site, and it has promised up and down not to sell your data for mar... | Culture
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