Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S (Specs Battle)

TFR: "We’ve compiled a quick comparison chart of the technical specs for the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S."

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RonyDean2438d ago

Really hoping the next iPhone has a bigger screen. 3.5 is just too tiny anymore.

Also great post! Couldn't find an easy to read comparison anywhere.

vitz32438d ago

Except they say iPhone supports flash. Utter BS. Also Android has supported HTML5 for a while now. Long before iOS.

nachokingp2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

Umm, no they don't. It clearly says "No" in the iPhone column beside Flash support, unless you were confused and were reading the line about the camera flash...

Kaneda2437d ago

Current iphone screen is great! fit perfectly in your pocket. It is a portable device, why you want it bigger?

TheEatingVodka2436d ago

My nexus S is the same size as the iPhone 4S and it has a 4" screen.

Anarki2438d ago

I want to see a Galaxy S 2 vs Nexus tbh..

fatstarr2438d ago

I want to see the s3 specs vs G-nexus

Anarki2437d ago

The specs of this Galaxy Nexus aint all that great, I was expecting much better. In some aspects, it's not even better than the GS2

fatstarr2438d ago

the 4s just seems like a bs update if you ask me. apple really sat down and chose to market the same exact phone with a marginally better cpu and a better camera which the competition has been offering for the last 2+ years . galaxy nexus blows the 4s outta the water the 5 which will probably hit in spring will barely keep up. seems like a new benchmark has been set thus the next gen.

thank god for samsung they are always aiming for the heart.

snoop_dizzle2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I'm not really sure how this blows the 4S out of the water? The specs lean both ways. You get more onboard storage with the iPhone 4S which is something I'd like to see more of. Most phones I know of max out at 32 gigs even with expandable storage.

As for the camera, to begin with the initial iPhone 4 camera (while it was 5 MP) was pretty good and beat most Android cameras in quality (certainly the EVO's which I currently own), so this likely is on par with the current competition. It sounds like they added a pretty good sensor with some extra camera features. Of course it's a phone, though so it can't be too amazing. A camera comparison would be more apt than a spec list (especially when it comes to cameras). And to the Nexus'es credit, even though it is only 5 MP, it might perform better.

I am unsure about the processor but some benchmarks could be useful, as that really doesn't indicate anything. More RAM doesn't necessarily mean much on the list if you aren't rating the processor too. That would be something along the lines of saying a stock pentium with 6 gigs would outperform an i7 with 4 gigs, lol.

At the same time, for all I know the A5 might not be that fast, but for the most part, until apps utilize processors better (like dual core processors in phones) there are better things to focus on like battery life.

If I were to go for another phone though, it would probably be the successor to the Galaxy SII which will probably come out earlier than the next Nexus. Samsung is making pretty solid hardware now, and I'm trying to get away from HTC, as my experience with them so far (had my EVO replaced multiple times and battery life is simply horrible) hasn't been that great.

fatstarr2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I think 32gigs is the max that the os supports for now kinda like windows 32bit not being able to read more than 4gb of ram. its about time apple upgraded the camera if they could have gotten away with it it still would have been stock 5mp with slightly updated sensors and things.

the ram will definitely help android 4.0 since there is multitasking + everything looks smooth and runs smooth I think ram will have a major impact in the coming years regarding phones.

I dont know anything about ios5 it doesn't look impressive to me and it seems like its taking all the good features from the competition and implementing it as its own. it all boils down to software once Android 4.0 comes out i have a feeling its gonna take everyone for a ride. hopefully dual cores are optimized and everything is Gucci. since this is going to be a flagship phone im sure Google has been working their magic to make sure that it utilizes every spec that the galaxy nexus has.

Samsung phones haven't done me wrong im waiting for all the new products they are going to make hopefully its all ice cream sandwich compatible from day one.

Huma2437d ago

You're very quick to proclaim that the Nexus "blows the iPhone out of the water", but I think if you do a little research you'll find iPhone actually has a FAR better GPU.

The SGX 543 currently holds the belt for GPU's, and is actually being used in the new PS Vita (tho it's a quad core, rather than dual)

Not to seem like an apple fanboi, Andrioid 4.0 looks very very good! I had high hopes, and it looks like they've delivered. Im much more excited for the new OS than the nexus

gdguide2438d ago

4s still having a crappy 512mb vs 1gb really shows they are baby feeding to over eager owners that will pay full price for dated specs. No excuses having just 512mb. phones over 2 years old have met that spec.

fatstarr2437d ago

quite honestly apple makes enough money where they can spoil their customers by giving them the phone with 2gb of ram and 6 cores to play with (gpu+cpu) massive camera specs, updated sensors and things of that sort, excellent memory even expandable and a super battery ahead of its time but they choose not to because they have a set level of upgrades. I thought I was right in the past but its even more apparent now. they really can do better for the amount that they are selling it for. they would have the overkill phone on the market and all android phones would then jump the gun and look to compete and beat the phone.

there are no excuses

hard joe2437d ago

better wait for iphone 5
next year maybe?

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