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Apple Clarify How The Apple Watch's Heart Rate Monitor Works

1d 17h ago - Apple recently explained how the Apple Watch heart rate monitor works and how to get best results... | Gadgets

Inside Marissa Mayer's plan to take on Google

1d 20h ago - During a conference call to report Yahoo's first quarter earnings on Tuesday, CEO Marissa Mayer t... | Industry

Apple invents the mechanism that defy the laws of Murphy

2d ago - We all know that Apple likes to put a lot of energy in developing respectful products. But what t... | Industry

Should you buy a Mac?

9d ago - Although laptops and desktops are becoming less and less relevant, most people still have a need... | Industry

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Apple Patents A System To Broadcast Your Availability For Calls

9d ago - "Apple has a new patent, granted today by the USPTO (via AppleInsider), that would use contextual... | Culture

Apple Just Bought An Israeli Camera Technology Company

9d ago - "Apple has acquired LinX, an Israel-based camera technology company, for an estimated $20 million... | Industry

Taig exploit patched by Apple kills iOS 8.3 jailbreak

10d ago - Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but the new iOS update fixes a considerable list of vulner... | Gadgets

iOS 8.3 Launched by Apple; Brings New Emoji, Wireless CarPlay and More

13d ago - TechFrag - iOS 8.3 is going to add, primarily, a new layout for the Emojis that you get on your p... | Software

Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015) review| CNET

14d ago - Dan Ackerman of reviews the 2015 12 inch edition of the MacBook. | PC hardware

Apple Watch review| CNET

14d ago - Scott Stein of reviews the Apple Watch. | Gadgets

I Quit: What Really Goes On At Apple

15d ago - I’ve just escaped the Apple institution. I’ve sent in my resignation, and fled down its bright wh... | Culture

Why the Apple Watch won't succeed

16d ago - As I watched Apple announce their newest product, the Apple Watch, I couldn’t help but laugh. I c... | Industry

Apple wants people to stop sleeping in front of its stores for new products

17d ago - Are you one of the people that sleep outside of an Apple store prior to a product launch? Well, A... | Culture

LG Display Outs iMac With 'Super High-Res' 8K Screen

17d ago - Apple is working on an update to its iMac that will take its resolution to new heights, according... | Hi-tech

BlackBerry falling like a ‘House of Cards’? Hardly

17d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "With the third instalment of Netflix’s political drama ‘House of Cards’... | Culture

New Apple TV Will Not Support 4K Video Streaming

18d ago - "The 4K television market is a mess, and according to a report from BuzzFeed News, Apple won't be... | Hi-tech

What if these 80s Apple concepts came to light?

18d ago - When it comes to design, Apple has always been at the forefront with modern and elegant themes, w... | Culture

Apple iPhone 6 vs OnePlus 2 – OxygenOS features, iPhone 6 design and more

20d ago - How will the iPhone 6 size up next to the OnePlus 2, the next flagship killer? Will it have a bet... | Phones

The new MacBook is a 4-year step backward

21d ago - The new MacBook is Apple's thinnest, lightest laptop ever. But it's also a major step backward. W... | PC hardware

Apple is Planning to Use Facial Recognition to Unlock Phones

21d ago - TechFrag - It seems like Apple is planning to use facial recognition in order to unlock mobile de... | Software

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Your Boss Says it’s Time for You to Get a Smartwatch

25d ago - Shae Smith of Tech Insider looks into businesses tracking their employees through smart watches.... | Gadgets

Apple Glass: venturing into augmented reality

34d ago - The Apple Glass might be in the works as analyst says the company is already recruiting members f... | Industry

I haven't paid for TV in three years, but it sounds like Apple is going to change my mind

36d ago - Steve Kovach of Business Insider explains his optimism towards Apples new approach to Television. | Industry

Tim Cook On Apple's Future: Everything Can Change Except Values

36d ago - In an exclusive Q&A with FastComoany, Apple's current CEO discusses the Watch, how Steve Jobs inf... | Industry

Apple Plans Web TV Service in Fall

37d ago - With all the latest companies getting into the streaming TV business, it only makes sense that Ap... | Industry
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