iPod nano looks like a Samsung MP3 player from 2007

Geek: Alongside the iPhone 5 and iPod touch announcements yesterday, Apple unveiled a brand new iPod nano that was a radical departure from the previous generation nano. It incorporates a widescreen display and is the thinnest nano yet at just 5.4mm.

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SJIND1714d ago

I think now the ball is in Samsung's court, it will be interesting to watch how hard they can hit back...

Noctis Aftermath1713d ago

While i want this patent bullshit to stop(mostly apples fault) i do not want samsung to reach for petty shit like this and hopefully they can get some of apples bullshit patents thrown out with a judge that has some common sense while not resorting to apples patent trolling level.

sikbeta1713d ago

Samsung's time sue... how ironic :P

deep_fried_bum_cake1713d ago

They can't hit back at all. That Nano doesn't look like the Samsung thing, it looks like an iPod. You could probably find 50 other mp3 players around that size with a similar design, because that size doesn't leave much room for creative differences between products.

Software_Lover1714d ago

Oh my, the irony is hilarious.

iSpy1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

That is replica of Original iPod. So Apple is not copied.

Speed-Racer1714d ago

I don't think you've ever seen the original iPod.

fatstarr1714d ago

in your universe where this is true

shouldn't you be mad that apple is rehashing the same product to you?

ipods are the new Jordans.

ZombieNinjaPanda1713d ago

Original ipod looks nothing like this. A friend of mine has the original, it's a miniature brick.

evil_element1714d ago

The curved edge might have came from here

Clarence1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I had one of the first iPods. Samsung mp3 player screen is larger, but this iPod came out in 2005. Look at how its shell is made. The same rectangular shape that Samsung mp3 used in 2007.

Nice Try.

Sarcasm1713d ago

Funny, I'm actually still using that same iPod right now to listen to music and podcasts. Never felt a need to buy another iPod since.

But the article isn't really saying "Hey Samsung, you should sue Apple now!"

It was really more about how products will start to look similar and companies should stop suing each other which in turn hurts the consumers power of choice.

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The story is too old to be commented.