Video of supposed iPhone 5 turned on

The Future Post: Another leaked video of the iPhone 5 has hit the web, this time with a boot up sequence.

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Speed-Racer2086d ago

Looks kinda fake tbh, but I've never really bothered with prototypes anyway. I'll only believe it when I see it at the actual press event.

iamnsuperman2086d ago

I agree. Ignoring the fact the video isn't anything better than 360p but the bit when he "turns it on" looks weird and fake.

fr0sty2085d ago ShowReplies(1)
Elvis2085d ago

Looks like a plastic toy... fake.

wjbjnr2085d ago

lame mock-up of an iPhone. I know Apple has lost innovation but they can't go down to such an extent :p

Unztayble2085d ago

They made the USB different.

nachokingp2085d ago

here's a thought. What if they didn't actually change the dock connector for the final product, maybe they released this prototype with a unique proprietary connector in the case that one of the prototypes finds its way to the public (as iPhone prototypes are wont to do) and that way someone who finds one can't boot it up, much like the gentleman in the video is finding? I wouldn't put it past Apple, it actually is a very elegant solution to a problem they're faced over the last few iterations of their phone. It seems unlikely all the accessories made for iPods and iPhones and iPads would be cast aside at this point in time. That might also explain why the phone required iTunes. Maybe they built in a software lock that requires iTunes connection to enable iOS to boot as a safety precaution, knowing that the cables won't be available.