iPhone 5 Smokes Top Android Smartphones in Benchmarks

Hot Hardware Writes - "Some have criticized Apple for letting the iPhone fall behind the competition, and the iPhone 5 is no exception, as Samsung is more than happy to point out. A 4-inch screen? Yeah, several other smartphones have that beat. Fast 4G LTE connectivity? Again, there are plenty of mobile devices that already do that. A new proprietary dock connector? Okay, so Apple 'wins' that round. But is it fair to criticize the iPhone 5 for not reinventing the smartphone?"

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Speed-Racer2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Where are the Android 4.1 tests? Where is the S3 i9300? This is not a good comparison.

DaThreats2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

Won't hardly make a difference. The hardware stays the same
Iphone5 confirmed best phone
Even if it still got a little better, it won't catch up to the iphone 5

Speed-Racer2098d ago

Software is optimized. Performance stats are much better than presented.

DaThreats2098d ago

Even if it still got a little better, it won't catch up to the iphone 5
It's too ahead

adorie2098d ago

Stay in the games section of Newsboiler. Fanboys aren't as tolerated here.

Speed-Racer2098d ago

Of course DaThreats, because you tested this to prove the point, right?

Speed-Racer2098d ago

Obvious as your silly answer? When you have statistical proof, tell me something, otherwise keep your fanboy comments to yourself.

fuzion17c2098d ago

Why do I get this sneaky suspicion that Apple benchmarks a lot better because of their stripped down, barebones OS? You don't have any customization, no widgets, no nothing...less stress on the CPU, etc.

Btw, Samsung’s Exynos 5 Dual FTW!

CerebralAssassin2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

I don't get why the argument over which is better is relevant. Both produce great OSs and both are on great phones. It's like picking Xbox over ps3. Wwf over wcw. CoD over BF. just stick to Ur preference and let others do the same. Who cares which is better as long as they both do the job they are intended to do. Neither is slow. Neither phone sucks. I'm tired of fanboys calling other people fanboys because they disagree with what they have to say. It all comes down to personal preference.

I myself have an iPhone and am upgrading to the iPhone 5. Not because the galaxy s3 sucks. Because I like iOS. S3 is an awesome phone. And if I wanted a different kind of phone from apple it's a no brained which one I'd go with. But I had an iPhone before android was around so I guess you could say I don't like change. iPhones fit my needs though. Not saying the S3 couldn't but I like the size of phones. IMO the S3 is a little to big for me.

milohighclub2097d ago

Is this up against the American s3 cos as far as I'm aware that's dual core. Id like to see how it does against the European quad core s3...

NewMonday2097d ago

Xperia T is currently the best Benchmarkd Android phone even quad cores so it will be in same league as the iPhone5

aviator1892097d ago

No, iphone is not the best phone, imo.

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Azmatik2098d ago

Who cares, id still like to see you slap a 64gb SD card in ur iphone and use it as a mass storage device

KwietStorm2098d ago

So I can swap files at will, and so I can copy them where I desire them to be, without being shackled to a proprietary application, i.e iTunes.

Kaneda2097d ago

You can use dropbox or box (cloud service) to access files.. why carrying SD card? :)

Sarcasm2097d ago


Because you cant always access 1gb+ 720p movies using a cloud service when you don't have a connection.

ThePundit2098d ago

If you want a mass storage device, get this (128gb):

MEsoJD2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

I have an external hdd for that purpose... I would only want select/certain files(mp3, mp4, apps, and some photos) on my phone. Which iTunes makes pretty convenient. I like that my phone does many things, but rarely If ever wish to use it in the manner you describe. To each his own.

Ben Dover2097d ago

Azmatik I think that lame excuse doesn't work anymore. Either you're not aware of it or you are actually trolling yourself, but most people use cloud storage for file transfer now. Get with the times..

M_Prime2096d ago


if you have the 64gb model you can put your movies on there easily. Also why would you want to carry spare SD cards? it seems like something that can easily be lost and a lot of hassle.

also, the iPhone sports one of the longest battery lifes out there, so if you are bringing spare SD cards with you, you may as well bring a charger for your phone. Hell do 1 better, bring a portable DVD player.

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HalfNerdHalfAmazing2098d ago

right now apple got the upper hand but android always find a way to top them

Cablephish2097d ago

Yep, that's how the cycle goes.

Spenok2097d ago

That's pretty much the beauty of competition. One company comes out with said product, then the other tops them down the line, so so continues the cycle of customers winning :D

thetorontokid2097d ago

Or is it the other way around?!

Agent_hitman2098d ago

Unless iPhones 5 CPU is made up of Quad core ARM then it's clear that it is the winner..

But then we all know that S3 has Quad chip inside.. So which phone do you think innovates this generation?

Speed-Racer2098d ago (Edited 2098d ago )

None of the S3s in that comparison had a quad-core chip. They used the dual-core LTE models, so to say the iPhone 5 smoked Androids is jumping the gun.... let's see the i9300 data first on 4.1.

KingPin2098d ago

dont waste your time explaining it to them.

fanboys will stick their fingers in their ears and give you the "lalalalalala" attitude.

Spenok2097d ago

Wait, why would only "some" of the S3's have a dual core instead of a Quad?

Sincere question. As I want to buy an S3, and if one is better than another, I would like to get the superior one. Thanks!

Speed-Racer2097d ago (Edited 2097d ago )

The American versions use Dual Core processors. Not sure why they decided to do this. Maybe they thought it was powerful enough at the time. At the end of the day, the stats here are more marginal. From a user's perspective, they aren't going to notice the difference, unless the numbers were off by at least 1000 points.

seanpitt232098d ago

Iam happy with my Xperia s

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