Apple Under Pressure As Samsung Preps Foldable Screens For 2012

Forbes : The world’s biggest smartphone makers were all trying to out-shine their competitors at this year’s Mobile World Congress, with most new devices boasting the same, large, flat screen with a button or two. Differentiation was in the details. To be among top dogs like Samsung and the increasingly-popular ZTE, phones needed a quad-core processor, shiny AMOLED screen and to be slim and light.

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fatstarr2299d ago

this is going to be a game changer it reminds me of a beeper when you think about it though.

Strongfist362299d ago

Will it? I'm somewhat apathetic on the topic. Why would you want this? It looks ugly, and I do not see the functionality of it.

Care to share?

vickers5002299d ago

Bigger phone screens without the annoyance of having a big screen in a pocket.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2299d ago

Flip phones could come back in style!

Agent_hitman2299d ago

Foldable phone screen?.. Hahahaha
Let's see whats it gonna be.

Khalids192299d ago

im gona fold that infinite times and i will return it to samsung under warranty

AgentWhite2299d ago

Samsung has given tough competition to Apple in all areas .

KingPin2299d ago

so true.

and Apple, instead of improving their products decided to sue the competition.

clearly you can see who the losers are.

AgentWhite2299d ago

Apple need to improve on Hardware .

wjbjnr2299d ago

Absolutely right !, Apple is spending all their energies acting like bullies as if they are gods!,.

They are not displaying any spirit of creativity they once showed whatsoever.

arjman2299d ago

AgentWhite, you do realise Apple aren't running ancient hardware right? They're camera is pretty much in the top 5 in market and they're GPU in the 4s and iPad 2 is the BEST at the moment hence why the PSVita is using it.

Huma2299d ago

Yeah, who needs cases......

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The story is too old to be commented.