15 ways to speed up Windows 7

Layer8: "We've all fell victim to Windows 7 slowing down, but for some of us, our computer hardware is just not up to scratch to run Windows 7 in all its glory. These 15 tips should get that old worn out hardware kicking again, try them out and see for yourself."

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cyberbob2413d ago

Will surely try these after installing window 7 again.Presently using Window 8 developer preview

Megaman_nerd2413d ago

don't dare to disable Superfetch or Security Center like this article says! You may see an increase on ram performance but the overall system will run much more slower. But if you have an antivirus like 95% of them now come with anti-spyware too so disable the windows defender instead (not the Security Center).

C_Menz2412d ago

Exactly, and if anyone doing this has any doubts just leave it be. Not worth messing up your PC just for a half of a second off of a load time or something dumb.

gamernova2412d ago

Why don't people just use CCleaner?

creepjack2412d ago

Unless your pc is seriously lacking in power, these tweaks really aren't worth it.

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