US Space Shuttles ran on 1MB of RAM and 80′s technology

What's Hawt: "If you were flying into outer space, you would expect to travel in a space shuttle powered by tons of fancy and modern computers to ensure a safe journey to and from space. It turns out this was not the case."

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IllusionRSN2222d ago

I remember hearing someone say that my wrist watch had more technology in it than did the space shuttle lol!

Speed-Racer2222d ago

Ya it's crazy when you hear it at first but I guess you don't really need much to get into space...just a system that works every time without failure.

RonyDean2221d ago

"A system that works every time without failure" wish I had that now...

cyberbob2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

All credits goes to intelligent minds behind these technologies ....What did you say ?

grahf2221d ago

Also a system that can be easily fixed by a handful of people in a fragile tube filled with oxygen on the fly is VERY important. Just like the old saying: "Keep it simple, stupid!"

fatstarr2220d ago

thats just hazardous in todays times lol thats like 10 original gameboys right there

BeastOrange2221d ago

Fail safes? Guess that means they had extra floppy disks D:RUN_LAUNCH_FAIL lmao its time for an upgrade...

Gondee2221d ago

The process never changed. Just because thats what the computer onboard had doesn't mean they don't have other computers. They do have other computers.

plmkoh2221d ago

The less technology you have the better, it means less computer melt-downs from magnetic interference in Space.

Agent_hitman2221d ago

Fascinating, one of the greatest invention for 21st century, space shutting only consume 1mb.. I can't believe it.

ThatArtGuy2221d ago

You mean the 20th century, right? ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.