Year 2038 doomsday for our computers!

Gadget Mill: Your probably thinking, another year and here we have yet another doomsday prediction right? It must be getting boring as we’ve survived the millennium bug, the year 2013 and a few more in between. Well this time get ready to weep as what I’m about to tell you is a very serious matter. Ok, maybe not as our lives don’t depend on this problem but it does effect equipment we are dependent on.

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deadman1211124d ago

Just a heads up for anyone reading the article. This is NOT an April fools joke.

deadman1211123d ago

Depends on the car and its electrics system. If it uses a 32 bit signed date that would directly impact the car's software system then yes. But with that said cars can be reprogrammed via the manufacturer anyway! Most things will get updated as time comes but we should start leaning towards 64bit systems ASAP.

Tzuno1123d ago

i still have time to download shit in my pc. :)

deadman1211123d ago

Haha true even on dial up, you have enough time!

0odama1123d ago

Just to clarify a Signed 32 bit integer has a max of 2147#######. On this site it says 3147, So I don't see how its legit unless someone can clarify it for me.

thorstein1123d ago

Not an April Fool's Joke? Lulz. Yeah... Y2K, 12/21/12, ..... what was it that Camping guy said? And on and on and on and on and on and on and on....

Blackdeath_6631123d ago

did you even read the article?

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