Invisibility cloak getting closer to reality

What's Hawt: "Scientists have come one step closer to an “invisibility cloak” by cloaking a free standing object in three-dimensional space."

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Speed-Racer1888d ago

Ah what a shame, no harry potter stuff. LOL

BeastOrange1888d ago

Romulans?....instead of cloaking its should say stealth shielding...

Speed-Racer1888d ago

Well it is still cloaking, just not on a visible level.

BeastOrange1888d ago

If it is still visual then its not "cloaked". If it is undetectable then it is stealth. My understanding is that this technique adds to the stealth, but does nothing for the naked eye.

KrimsonKody1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

What the hell is wrong with that link?
It keeps flickering & shifting.
& it's making me paranoid, Lol.
That does seem pretty cool, using plasmonic synthetics & such.
But I think that the human eye is too keen for something to be cloaked or stealthed right before them.
For ex; if an item that is cloaked intersects your view, that item has to reflect what's on its' backside, to be viewed from the front, in order to complete the illusion that nothing is in your view. Not to mention the angle that the person is standing from; a persons' view may be different from someone who is 4-6ft adjacent to their position.
I think something, like an flexible, ultra thin fiber screen, could help with that effect. But it's not happening now. Too complex.

1885d ago
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