Teenager creates flashlight that runs on body heat

Vyralize: Using Peltier Tiles, a 15-year old was able to create a flashlight that runs entirely on body heat.

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RedHawkX1815d ago

cool but why not use a battery/

aviator1891815d ago

because you gotta buy batteries??

shivvy241814d ago

so what happens if ur stuck in Antarctica ? yep ur fucked

aviator1891814d ago

well...then get batteries.

But I figure a very small portion of the population ventures to Antarctica.

Speed-Racer1814d ago

Shivvy - your body temp and the outside temp would be significantly different, so it would work out better in the long run.

Speed-Racer1815d ago

Because we are trying to avoid battery usage.

RedHawkX1814d ago

im actually trying to use more batteries lol. just got a tooth brush and them gilette shavers that require batterys :P.

instead of trying to not use batterys how about we make batterys 10-20 times better.

vallencer1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Because batteries run out where as your body heat only goes away if you're dead or if you're extremely cold which usually means you're dead.

SilentNegotiator1814d ago

And what if you DO die, huh? What if you're dead and need a flashlight?

Didn't think that one though, did you?

steven83r1815d ago

Because you will want one of these if you are lost in the hills or in dire need of one and don't have batteries. Solar charging on this thing would be a good thing to add as well.

RyuCloudStrife1815d ago

Because if she did she wouldn't have been able to do what she wanted to do-- making a flashlight that function out of the heat of the human hand.

Get it?

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kingPoS1815d ago

It's a good start so far.

ApolloTheBoss1815d ago

First a girl invents a device that could charge your phone in 20 seconds, now this. Kind of embarrassing when you see the younger generation outdoing the grown-ups.

Azurite1815d ago

It's more things already found out but would be economic disasters for companies if put on the market.

steven83r1815d ago

Ya they are doing great things well some for that matter. Good to see not all teens are morons twerking all day and actually studying.

KwietStorm1815d ago

Yea leave the twerking to the adults.

webeblazing1815d ago

yeah i remember that i know her parents are proud as hell. it would be impossible to not brag

SilentNegotiator1814d ago

"Kind of embarrassing when you see the younger generation outdoing the grown-ups"

Right, it's not like adults are creating water-fueled engines, incredible genetic breakthroughs, etc.

Geez, get on their level, adults.

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mook10221815d ago

They need this tech for gaming controllers...come on Sony and Microsoft.

cyclindk1815d ago

Very good application of idea indeed, any remote really. Now make it happen son!

Kickstarter campaign BEGIN!!!

SilentNegotiator1814d ago

It barely lit those would it reliably run a game controller?

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The story is too old to be commented.