Thieves Grab 3,600 iPad Minis Worth $1.5M In JFK Airport Heist

TechCrunch - Apple’s iPad mini seems to be a success, and that has attracted the criminal element’s attention. According to the New York Post, a shipment of Apple’s iPad mini, numbering 3,600 devices and with a total value of $1.5 million, was taken from JFK airport from the same location that a group stole $5 million in cash and $900,000 in jewelry in 1978.

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-Mezzo-2013d ago

Damn, that one big PayDay.

Hope They Get Caught.

bwazy2012d ago

I actually kinda hope they get away with it.

Cosmit2012d ago

Damn bwazy you're retarded.

360ICE2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I'm rooting for Ocean's 11 over here.

Get your wife back from Tim Cook, Danny Ocean! He totally stole Tess from you while you were in jail!

Or rob 3600 ipad minis, I don't know...

Lord_Sloth2013d ago

Sounds like somebody was pretty well organized or security still sucks there. 1 or the other.

Dovahkiin2012d ago

This. But how the f*** can someone get through airport security and manage to do this? Nice going, JFK airport security.

TheDivine2012d ago

Security had to have tipped them off and turned their back for a nice little payday. Down the road they will be killed to make sure he/she doesnt talk.
Has nobody seen Goodfellas?

kingPoS2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Someone got lucky! Their luck ought to run out... eventually.
Just follow the black market, after all what are they going to do with all those pads by themselves.

XboxInnovation2012d ago

You sell them in bulk to people who sell them, like big time drug pushers sell a kilo or more to a drug dealer. With bunches all spread out around the world it's impossible to keep track or even tell when something is fishy.

Blackdeath_6632013d ago

well fortunately for the theives the Ipad mini's are 23% thinner and 53% lighter so they should fit nicely in their van LOL, ironic isn't it that the only people benefiting from smaller thinner devices are the people stealing it. all things aside apple robberies have been quite frequent as of late i wonder how it will end if it does.

Axecution2013d ago

lol Stealing Harvard in the picture. Haven't seen that in years

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The story is too old to be commented.