Four Android Apps You Need to Try

TheGamerBuzz writes, "With over 100,000 apps to choose from on the Android Apps Marketplace, there is a little bit on there for everyone. I for one, love to just look around the Marketplace and try new apps out, even if it’s nothing I plan on using more than once. Below is a list of a few free apps that I have used, along with any pros and cons each app may have."

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michass82631d ago

Great, there is so many great apps that I don't know, please bring more this kind of articles... :)

shammgod2631d ago

Cool, i always love these articles....i could search for hours and never find some of these

outwar60102631d ago

my fave apps are pulse(an epicly good news reader that allows you to choose most online sources and get updates of new stories in the app) isyncr(actually properly syncs with itunes) mixzing(for fixing file names adding album art) poynt(finding local restaurants businesses etc)