Top 10 Android Widgets You Must Have

TechFlashed : Widgets are valuable because it gives your home screen a better look and a facility to access the application directly from your home screen.

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BeastOrange1985d ago

Lmao I already have a few of those, and a few others. The AP News one isnt to bad, surprised it didnt make the list

AgentWhite1985d ago

That means you already have the best . . give more suggestions as you mentioned Ap News .

searchbuzz1985d ago

I never bother with widgets.

AgentWhite1985d ago

Widgets are the essential part of any device as they helps to make your task easier . Widget have user friendly interface which lets to get your result just a few clicks/touch away , i would rather say instantly .

Max Power1985d ago

Widgets will eat your up your ram and battery.

technologist1985d ago

no doubt Widgets consumes battery and home screen space but some widgets are very useful to be on a home screen. i always kept flash light on my home screen and it help a lot !!

iSpy1985d ago

I already have my homescreen how I like it, but for an OS with 500.000 apps, I find the choice very meager.

LNDCalling1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Try to avoid most 'Widgets' because as @Max Power said they tend to eat up battery and resources, except maybe HD Widgets, Calander, Bookmarks etc.

As for Apps I think there are more than enough and a great choice, you just need to find them.

My must have's are:-

Aldiko or FB Reader
File Manager HD
Food or Recipes
HD Widgets
Lightning Bug
Magic Piano
Maps, Latitude, Navigation
MX Player Pro
Paper Camera
PicSpeed Wallpaper or Wallbase
Play Music or Poweramp
QuickPic (love this simple app)
TuneIn Radio Pro

fatstarr1980d ago

watch espn sucks you need a subscription for it.
but the rest of the apps are interesting.