This Android Smartphone Concept Makes You Want To Lick It

hackslurp-"Award winning CAD designer and mechanical engineer Abhi Muktheeswarar from India has come up with a design which literally makes you want to lick the phone. Mainly because it is one of those designs which has twin rotatable touch screens."

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altairahmad2454d ago

I wish it really sees the light of day !

Shani2454d ago

Ice Cream Sandwich on this phone means I will be literally licking this phone... when I get my hands on it.

I hope It becomes available here in Canada. So low variety of Androids here.

aNDROiD17_2454d ago

isnt that the keyboard from iphones

thereapersson2454d ago

It's the stock android keyboard

2454d ago
Speed-Racer2454d ago

Kinda looks like what we already have on the market aye?