Top 8 Upcoming Android Smartphones

Androidome - Android is leading the charts as more and more phones are being manufactured on a daily basis. This time around, I have gathered a set of brand new upcoming Smartphones that would be running Android OS. I have created this list after scrambling around the web in search of phones that would not only savor your minds but also appease your pockets, the latter is

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Aussiegamer2001d ago

Nice read, although just one thing The Nexus 4 comes with Andriod 4.2 not 4.1. :)

Youthfrenzy2000d ago

oh yes! my mistake, correction done :)

Speed-Racer2000d ago

Can't wait to order the Nexus 4!

fatstarr2000d ago

neeeds to be boycotted I need my micro sd slots. cant have this becoming a trend...

Speed-Racer2000d ago

LOL! Yea I know a lot of people had a pickle about this. I guess I never used my phone for music because of the horrendous battery life. I guess once I can plug and play, then I'm fine. I think because they're trying to save so much space, they're getting rid of SD slots for a more integrated approach.

Sitdown2000d ago

It's already a trend for nexus devices...

fatstarr2000d ago

well at least the quad-cores are coming