iOS 5.1 versus Ice Cream Sandwich: Which is the Better OS?

IBT says

The two top players in the smartphone wars are going head-to-head for the hearts and minds of consumers with the newest versions of Android and iOS – Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and iOS 5.1.

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Elvis2569d ago

It's a matter of opinion, some people prefer ICS and some iOS.

chazjamie2569d ago

dont care. i use custom roms for both.

CynicalVision2569d ago

'iOS 5.1 is the better mobile device operating my opinion'


Speed-Racer2569d ago

Rubbish article - I wish whoever wrote it would get their facts right about how Siri and iCloud works.

KingPin2569d ago

the author picked a winner before even writing this article.

"Both Ice Cream Sandwich and iOS 5.1 are able to store the contents in your device to the Cloud. Google have been doing this for quite some time. Apple, on the other hand, is playing catch up with iCloud"

"Apple iOS 5.1 is late to the party when it comes to face detection. Already Google is way beyond what Apple has introduced to the new OS"

"The Android browser, which recently surpassed Opera Mini and Opera Mobile to become the number one mobile browser in the world, now has more features than you can throw a stick at"

Ease of use is purely debatable and is 90% personal preference.

siri is the only thing its good at doing and even then its not by leaps and bounds.

so basically Apple is behind in 3 out of 5 comparisons and according to this user it still comes out on top. yeah sure....

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The story is too old to be commented.