Iris, the Siri of Android unveiled

Iris is similar to Siri, a voice-recognition software system specially crafted to supposedly become our new generation of personal assistants.

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Speed-Racer2432d ago

Fun to talk to but it's definitely not as good as Siri. *android user btw*

toaster2430d ago

Yep, agreed. It's still quite buggy as well and sometimes would take 5 minutes to reply.

fatstarr2428d ago

at least its an addon app and not an whole entire update. lol

-Mezzo-2432d ago

I just found out about this, getting it right now.

NiKK_4192431d ago

Wow, the jokes people were making actually came true.

Except it was Iris and not something sounding like a Siri ripoff /s

Fel082431d ago

Couldn't they have a least come up with another name???

ssb31732431d ago

Iris is just Siri spelt backwards... very origional :L

ssb31732431d ago

yeah... what a comedian -__-

fatstarr2428d ago

Hahah I love this site, too funny

TVippy2430d ago

Actually it's the other way around. What's Siri? Have you ever heard that name? Apple took Iris and spelled it backwards, for a reason.

Trenta272430d ago

Siri was out long before Apple decided to use it. It was even an app in the store for awhile. Get your facts straight.

TVippy2429d ago

I obviously mean they took the female name Iris, not the name of the Android product.

fatstarr2428d ago

siri to me seems like that site called... clever bot.

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The story is too old to be commented.