iPhone Killer Found In Droid DNA

Techologie- It looks like it might be a cold winter for Apple this year. With so many awesome devices being released, the most recent being the Nexus 4, it’s going to be very hard for Apple to keep up. On Tuesday, Verizon Wireless announced that their flagship Android phone will be releasing on Wednesday, November 21st. What Verizon didn’t mention is that this IS the phone that could shut Apple down this holiday season.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1857d ago

Android is great and all but I don't know how it will ever lure more developers in or keep what they have with the huge fragmentation they have.

cee7731857d ago

by selling millions of SII's, SIII's, nexus 4's, Nexus 7's, Htc one X's all either have mali or nvidia gpu's
that's 6 beastly platforms off the top of my head android will have more dev support than ever

Gondee1857d ago

Yeah, but there simply isnt enough GS3's or HTC OneX's to justify a professional high level app like we see on IOS. Selling 25 million GS3's is not enough to justify building an app. Only a small fraction of the people will ever even see it in the clustered play store. IOS has 400 million devices shipped, and continues to ship an additional 35-40 million per quarter. When a developer writes an app for just one of the apple phones, he writes an app for 200+ million devices, if he includes the 3 major hardware sets, he has 90+%

Dude4201856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Why do I get the feeling some people who put "fragmentation" in their posts don't even know what it is? I swear, every time there's a discussion about Android, some posters just slap that word on there as part of their argument.

"Oh yeah, Android is great, very flexible, latest OS is good, oh but it has fragmentation, just so everyone knows. Pfff, who wants to develop for Android when there's fragmentation amirite guys!?!?" (btw referring to marcus' post)

RBdrift1857d ago

Android market share owning 72% world wide. That's how they'll lure devs.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1857d ago

Another thing is if other companies would put their efforts into a truly precise and highly engineered quality device and not just the same old cheap plastic phone with high end specs then that might hurt Apple since a lot of Apple's popularity rides on its quality and design. Also if Android can't lure more developers due to the massive fragmentation then those high end specs mean nothing. Remember your high end specs mean nothing without the support from developers and having to test their apps on a ton of phones kinda breaks their bank.

Petro1857d ago

We developers know of this "fragmentation" and we already do know that its not a issue for development, try developing for Windows or Linux, then you know what fragmentation is. Also Android has already more apps than iPhone has.

If you knew anything about Android development, you would know that AVD (Android Virtual Device) can be configured to mimic any phone, so you don't actually need to own a phone to test your apps on them.

Quality and design... how about HTC?

KingPin1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )


you just owned marcus fenix lol

ot: thats what happens when an apple fanboy hears "fragmentation" and does not know what it means or how developers work around it. the only reason developers choose iphone over android is because iphone users pay for apps and the free apps suck horse balls. with the android systme being open, there are quality free apps available so there is no need to over pay for an app. sure its ad supported but if the ads are annoying you, you can always buy the app. with iphone, you dont have that choice.

the htc one X has a solid build quality. my bro owns one so i have felt it in person. i have an HTC desire Z and my hinge works fine after 2 years of usage contrary to what the internet says.

thewhoopimen1857d ago

Having 5000 extra copies of tetris, bejewled, skins, or flashlight apps does not make Android's ecosystem more profligate than iOS. I'm sorry but Google's app approval process is a joke. They practically approve trojans, and "hello world" every other day. Apple regularly culls out duplicates of the same. It's a well-known fact in the industry and the iOS just has more unique and better designed apps than the Android equivalent. How many apps on android actually run faster than their iOS equivalents? Try Facebook. One is written in HTML/Java and the other is Objective C. No contest.

Petro1857d ago

@thewhoopimen Unfortunately I have to agree with you on the quality of Android apps, but at the rate Android devices are selling there are deemed to be more than just sloppy ports. :)

If you were a developer you would actually enjoy the fact that Google Play is as open as it is. I think that Google Play needs more ways to sort and or hide apps, like hiding all apps that have less than 3 stars.

SilentNegotiator1857d ago

"They practically approve trojans"

Without the practically, sadly.

kevnb1857d ago

apple approves malicious crap all the time as well, they just make sure nobody ever says anything bad about them by bullying.

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Speed-Racer1857d ago

I'm sorry Marcus, but can you tell me why your so called well-built iPhone screens crack so easily when you drop them (no matter the angle)?

ziggurcat1857d ago

"What Verizon didn’t mention is that this IS the phone that could shut Apple down this holiday season"

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahaha


duplissi1857d ago

last i checked android hasnt needed to "kill" the iphone....

the best selling phone is android, the most used os is android, the most advanced phones are andriod, the longest battery life belongs to android, the highest ppi belongs to android....

so uh what needs to be killed?

M_Prime1853d ago

now here is a serious question.

Which ONE of the android phones has all those features?
Most advanced, longest battery life and highest PPI.

duplissi1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

minus battery life (i honestly dont know what it sits at) that would be the droid dna.

for the next few months anyway... however most flagship android phones are pretty damn good regardless.

for me though its always going to have nexus in the name.