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Android vs iOS Development - Why App Developers Choose iOS Over Android

TechFlashed : The number of Smartphone users around the world is increasing at a rapid pace and in the coming years the numbers are expected to rise at a rocket pace (Android, iOS, Software)

AgentWhite  +   1069d ago
In coming future things may change ,Android has impressed with the massive amount of apps in a few span .There may be some changes expected in the strategy of android in future.
The_Infected  +   1069d ago
Regardless of apps Android has massive fragmentation and that's something developers hate.
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Petro  +   1068d ago
How does this so called huge fragmentation issue effect the development of Android apps? You cannot really say fragmentation is any sort of an issue, has it ever stopped the PC software makers even tho almost every device they sell their product to has different components, and in all seriousness there is no fragmentation issue when you develop software for Android compared to developing for PC. With MIT App Inventor you can have your first up and running in matter of hours, I know this as I managed to do that, so that point was blown there. And even your first point is debatable, as Angry Birds is known to make more profit on Android than on other platform.
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caseh  +   1069d ago
1: True, probably because anything that is free on iOS is pretty sh*t.

2: Wouldn't know either way, whats this assumption based on?

3: Debatable, 95% of the apps I have on my android phone are free and serve their purpose well whereas apps of simlilar functionality on iOS need to be paid for. (see point 1 above)

4: See point 1 above.

5: Don't really get this point.

Flakey article at best. You will probably find devs actually cater for both platforms as you would be retarded to restrict yourself to one or the other and effectively half your target audience.
AgentWhite  +   1069d ago
Devlopers first develop apps for ios because they know the users of ios are ready to buy and try new apps . Moreover i agree to the point the app you are having for free must be doing great ,thats where android is advantagous to user bt not the developer . ios app store has high quality apps .
zag  +   1068d ago
I don't agree with that it seems more like region based for sales.

Australians seem to buy up heaps of apps, I have a silly amount of paid apps, between 50 to 100 apps.

after that seems to be US the UK.

The pick up rates is what matters.

The only thing I can think of where iOS has the better deal is the music apps than android, I'm not sure what the deal is with that.

Maybe the amount of time music app devs have spent with iOS rather than android don't know.
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MEsoJD  +   1069d ago
The ios store and hardware are consistent. There is too much fragmentation among Android hardware which in turn causes it's store to suffer.
Gondee  +   1069d ago
I have never done an Android app, but i can imagine the headache. You basically have to start out selecting a group of devices your application will run on. thats a hard choice, especially considering android devices have an extremely high turnover rate. Making last years GS2 this years POS.

As much as i love android, i can't help but hope that Samsung and HTC partner to produce a forked android where they control quality and device restrictions.
zag  +   1068d ago
Works on Android OS.

The newest aOS devices will be far more capable than the apple products, the next step down will ICS devices be on par or slightly better than apple products.

Jellybean apps work fine on ICS it's not like you have to make an app for each os version, you just need to make the 1 version for the newest aOS version.

it's all java anyway on android.
Speed-Racer  +   1069d ago
What everyone else said above. iOS works on 3 devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone). Android developers usually have a desk of phones to test out their apps. As a Nexus owner, I never had issues on the user end of things, but I know those who use branded phones have compatibility issues sometimes.
KingPin  +   1069d ago
im still rocking a HTC vision with froyo and have no issues with any apps i used.
AgentWhite  +   1069d ago
Android is still missing a good tablet which can be considered to compete with new ipad .
hellvaguy  +   1069d ago
Actually every android tablet has faster/better hardware than apple for the price. Always has been that way. Apple's claim to fame is the shiney chrome exterior and the software.
ThePundit  +   1068d ago
The hardware specs are higher on an Android, but the overall experience is smoother on iOS. The A5 and A6 SoC also outgun most other SoC in real world tests.
hellvaguy  +   1068d ago
"the overall experience is smoother on iOS"

Your overall experience is opinion based, not fact as you present it. And also A5 and A6 lose in every way to any high end android tablet tests.

Especially considering A5 and A6 are all produced by Samsung and sold to apple, there isn't anything revolutionary going on with those chips that Samsung doesn't already do in their own android tablet chips.

Stop drinking the Apple koolaid, its bad for your health.
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