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Vendors partner with Wintel to release US$199-249 notebooks for 2H14

10h ago - Digitimes: Intel, Microsoft and notebook brand vendors are preparing to push entry-level notebook... | PC hardware

No, Microsoft Isn't Scaling Back to One Version of Windows for All Devices

20h ago - Maximum PC: Microsoft chief Satya Nadella caused a whirlwind of headlines and speculation with a... | Industry

Microsoft Beats Quarterly Sales Estimates, EarningsTake Hit From Nokia Deal

21h ago - Maximum PC: Starting with the good news, Microsoft beat Wall Street estimates by reporting a 17 p... | Industry

Lumia Sales Increase in Microsoft’s Last Quarter of its Fiscal Year

21h ago - Microsoft released its financial results from the fourth quarter of its 2014 Financial Year today... | Industry

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Satya Nadella Just Made The Single Best (And Most Obvious) Decision For Microsoft Window

1d 5h ago - Satya Nadella just confirmed that the company was going to merge all of its major versions of Win... | Software

Microsoft posts a record $27.76 billion operating income for fiscal 2014

1d 11h ago - Today was an important earnings call for Microsoft as the software giant announced their Q4 as we... | Industry

Microsoft announces $199 Windows 8 laptops to take on Chromebooks

1d 16h ago - TechFrag - "Microsoft readies a price assault on Chromebook and fight the rise of Chromebook with... | Hi-tech

Microsoft Confirms Decision To Kill The Surface Mini

1d 18h ago - Remember the Surface Mini, a device that got axed at the last minute? Microsoft gave it a shout o... | Gadgets

Cortana preview headed to Britain in two weeks

2d ago - Cortana is heading to Windows Phones in Britain in two weeks, a Microsoft developer has revealed.... | Industry

Microsoft employee laid off last week talks about losing the job he loved – “Life after Microsoft?”

3d ago - Popular YouTuber Jerry Barnacules Nerdgasm who also happened to be a software developer and teste... | Industry

Microsoft's Productivity Story: Showtime For Nadella

3d ago - No one can accuse Satya Nadella of keeping quiet during his first five-and-half months as Microso... | Industry

How Microsoft mangled a layoff memo

3d ago - Although CEOs typically view themselves as tough, no-nonsense business people, most of them compl... | Industry

Nokia's Venture Into Android Deserved to Die

4d ago - The Nokia XL is part of Nokia's X line of Android phones. Launched earlier this year, the X phone... | Software

Xbox One August update to add new activity feed, mobile purchases, low battery notification

4d ago - Microsoft today detailed what gamers can expect in the next Xbox One update, which is expected to... | Gadgets

Microsoft Has Also Laid Off Some Of Its High-Powered Lobbyists

4d ago - Microsoft's shockingly huge 18,000-employee layoff announced on Thursday also includes cutting th... | Industry

Finnish pride takes another blow from Microsoft job cuts

4d ago - Finland has staked much of its national pride on the worldwide growth of Nokia, based on the outs... | Industry

Why Microsoft is killing Nokia X

5d ago - New York: The Nokia X phones that Microsoft discontinued this week blend two rival operating syst... | Industry

Microsoft releases new video showing what Cortana can do for you

6d ago - Microsoft has just started pushing their Windows Phone 8.1 update to Lumia users, and perhaps the... | Gadgets

Xbox One Sales “More Than Double” In June, But Microsoft Doesn’t Disclose Absolute Figures

7d ago - Today Microsoft announced that in June, sales of its Xbox One console “more than doubled.” It did... | Gadgets

Microsoft set to axe 18,000 jobs

7d ago - Microsoft is to cut up to 18,000 jobs marking the deepest cuts in the technology firm's 39-year h... | Industry

Microsoft Urges Users to Use Weak Passwords

7d ago - Security experts have spent a long time drilling password security into the average computer user... | Web

Why Microsoft isn't spooked by the Apple-IBM alliance

7d ago - Nadella's plan to put services, software on all platforms means the Apple-IBM deal will have litt... | Industry

Microsoft kills off its Nokia Android phones

7d ago - Microsoft is planning to scrap its Nokia X Android efforts and replace them with Windows Phone in... | Phones

Windows is the Platform of Choice – Over 1.5 billion devices run on it

7d ago - Microsoft’s VP of Windows Marketing, Tony Prophet shared an interesting stat with us today at WPC... | Software

Microsoft stock hits a multi-year high on layoff & Q4 earnings speculation

7d ago - Microsoft’s stock (MSFT) price on the NASDAQ exchange today closed at a multi-year high of $44.08... | Industry
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