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Microsoft's Nadella talks cloud, inequality, and why he's against a spinoff

1d 16h ago - CNBC: Microsoft has already proven its potency in the cloud era, and is one of three companies wi... | Industry

Microsoft’s wearable is coming ‘within weeks’, according to report

2d ago - Microsoft's planning a wearable, but will it run Windows 10? | Gadgets

Cortana will be more like Google Now

3d ago - Cortana is now getting an update, that will bring features to the engine similar to those we can... | Industry

New Microsoft Lumia Smartphone Spotted at US FCC

6d ago - The spotted RM-1090 handset is seen to measure 139.9x71.1mm, and also supports dual-SIM cards as... | Industry

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Microsoft's Windows Insider Program for Windows 10 Hits 1 Million Registrants

7d ago - Maximum PC: Microsoft caught the tech community off guard when it skipped over Windows 9 and jump... | Software

NATO targeted by Russian hackers

7d ago - Russian hackers have exploited a Microsoft Windows bug so that they could spy on NATO and governm... | Industry

Windows 10, where are the Nay Sayers?

7d ago - For the past week I’ve been trying to find negative reviews on Windows 10, but they are hard to f... | Software

Microsoft launches prototype keyboard for Android Wear devices

10d ago - Earlier today, Microsoft announced and launched a prototype “analog” keyboard for devices running... | Gadgets

Microsoft Cloud centered event on October 20

12d ago - It seems that Microsoft will be focusing on cloud storage, mobility and the internet of things in... | Industry

Apple Retains Top Spot As The Most Valuable Brand In The World

12d ago - Apple has emerged the most valuable brand, for the second time in a row. The company is value... | Industry

Nadella sends a letter to employees, apologizes for suggesting women shouldn’t ask for a raise

12d ago - Microsoft CEO is under heavy scrutiny online today as he made some remarks about women not having... | Culture

Microsoft kills rumors about Surface Pro 3 being discontinued

13d ago - In a rare move, Microsoft today has gone public to indirectly squash a rumor published today by D... | Industry

Microsoft reminds privacy-concerned Windows 10 beta testers that they're volunteers

13d ago - The Inquirer: Microsoft has hit back at privacy concerns over its Windows Technical Preview with... | Software

19% of teens in U.S. expect to buy a Surface tablet in the next six months

14d ago - survey of U.S. teenagers by Piper Jaffray reveals that a growing number of teens in the U.S. are... | Software

Microsoft Research packs stylus with sensors for grip-based tools

16d ago - Believe it or not, there has been limited research into the way we hold a pen for different writi... | Industry

Microsoft's 'RoomAlive' Turns Your Living Room Into A Video Game Level

16d ago - NRM: "Remember last year's Kinect concept 'IllumiRoom'? Microsoft Research are back with their ne... | Gadgets

Microsoft to offer premium features on sub-$100 phones

16d ago - Microsoft Mobiles will bring premium features like search engine Bing and One Drive storage solut... | Phones

Leak/Rumor: Microsoft to launch Surface 3 and Surface Mini by December

16d ago - Microsoft's line of productivity tablet-laptop hybrids is about to get an update later this year,... | Gadgets

Windows 10 preview to be available on phone and ARM devices “well in to 2015″

18d ago - Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore answered a question on Twitter regarding when the Windows 10- technical... | Software

HP, Microsoft reinvent the netbook with fanless $199 Stream machine

20d ago - Hewlett-Packard, makers of traditionally high-quality portable machines, has unveiled what it thi... | PC hardware

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How to install Windows 10 Preview in VirtualBox or PC in a Few Minutes

20d ago - Techprezz: Microsoft announced its latest iteration of Windows dubbed Windows 10 and the company... | Software

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview Today

21d ago - Techprezz: Microsoft announced its most anticipated operating system since its Windows 8 release,... | Software

Microsoft reveals 'Windows TH' naming on new Technical Preview site

24d ago - Microsoft is expected to name its upcoming Windows release next week, but the company has acciden... | Web

Microsoft is the 3rd largest Windows OEM by volume

26d ago - Every month, Ad Duplex releases a report for Windows Phone that shows how each device is selling... | Gadgets

Microsoft’s Dying Windows Phone Can Be Saved by Gaming

27d ago - Twinfinite: "2.5 percent. 2.5 percent of all smartphones bear the Windows logo, nearly 12 percent... | Phones
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