Xbox 720 Set For Announcement At E3 2011

According to “a senior, trusted, well-placed” source, Microsoft may be announcing the sequel to the Xbox 360 this coming E3 on June 3rd.


EA has now come out in saying that this news was “total fabrication.” Though again counter-pointing, an analyst predicts we will still see the system by the end of 2012 should the console lose more steam. - ReviewsOnQ

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thekidq2602d ago

This is really exciting news. Can't wait till E3!

JoeIsMad2602d ago

I agree. Even if this presence by Microsoft happens to be the detailed tech demo as the article suggests, Microsoft's presence in saying, "Look what we have coming" will help save them from falling to the slightly improved graphics of the next gen Nintendo.

NCAzrael2601d ago

Slightly improved? Have you actually seen the specs for the new nintendo console?

JoeIsMad2601d ago

They are identical except for the video card from what I can tell. Tripple core processor, half gig of RAM, no HDD, sure, but the same processing wise.

Corepred42601d ago

I guess when you know you're about to get passed up you just start a whole new race. lol I hope they do it right and not jump the gun this time.

KingLizzle2602d ago

According to Eurogamer they have a source who says an E3 reveal is unlikely. Whenever the news comes it will be interesting to see what specs the new console will have. I wonder if they'll go down the blu ray route.

b163o12601d ago

Thank you, people are so gullible these days. "Sony is bypassing the PS4, and going straight to the PS5" and then some jackass will write an article about it. Idiots O.o

ROQFrost2601d ago

I agree. Lets see them wow us this year.

Speed-Racer2601d ago

Eurogamer discredits this source lol

JoeIsMad2601d ago

That's true, but naturally as Eurogamer likely doesn't have the same person in the know, they would go by what EA's corporate level says. I think that this is something that is "hard to tell" either way, but this hint toward it's existence should suggest they at least bring it up at E3, as mentioned.

Techsmith2601d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft decide to beat Sony to the punch.

pocketaces112601d ago

They did last time even know they new about the RROD so it will be interesting to see what BS they try to pull this time to beat Sony or try and steal thunder away from Nintendo.

Oh and before the fanboys start throwing the fanboy remarks around they either didn't test or new and didn't care either way it was wrong IMO

Corepred42601d ago

You wouldn't be surprised because they did it this gen?

KingLizzle2601d ago

Not exactly beating them to the punch. Sony built a console with a 10 year life cycle. Even now games aren't leveraging the full power of the PS3. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by backing the wrong format instead of blu ray. Whenever a new XBox comes it will probably be part of the PS3 gen as opposed to being part of a new gen.

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Mr Patriot2601d ago Show
Sahil2601d ago

i hope you will be able to play xbox 360 games because they are good and it would be a waste of money if you could not

Techsmith2601d ago

Lets hope Microsoft adds backwards comp this time around.

fatstarr2601d ago

they would have to stick with the same architecture which i doubt they will do.

ROQFrost2601d ago

more then likly, theyve already said that your gamerscore and arcade titles will carry over.

Brueske2601d ago ShowReplies(1)
fatstarr2601d ago

Nintendo is gonna kill e3 and theres nothing sony or microsoft can do 2 wins back to back to make up for the shamed years of the 2000's/

Corepred42601d ago

what are you talking about?

fatstarr2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Just how Nintendo is gonna get another E3 win this year. and i guess the comment i replied this too is now dead -_-

GillHarrison2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

I know, Microsoft and Sony did awesome keeping the hardcore gaming audience buying their consoles. They should have went for the casual audience sooner and led their consoles to an early death. What a shame. Sony should also follow the way Nintendo launched their 3DS, without an App Store, Web Browser, or a large line-up of AAA games.

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