Windows UI Evolution: From Windows 1 To Windows 8 (PHOTOS)

Mobile & Apps: "The Windows UI has been around for over 27 years, and while there haven't been many changes during that time, whenever change came, it was big. Every time there is a change in the UI, two sets of users emerge, those who dig it, and the ones who don't.

Today we are going look back at Windows UI changes over the years with a set of images. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, or a million dollars if you're a celebrity of some sorts."

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KingPin2111d ago

Windows XP - still the best OS created by MS.

SilentNegotiator2111d ago

Less features, bigger resource hog....nope, XP is the best, not 7.

KingPin2110d ago

no i actually mean XP.

mainly coz its the only OS people used for 7+ years. in tech years where things are outdated in 2 years, 7 years is almost forever.

DirectX 11 - it could be done on XP but was left out intentionally so that people would be forced to buy Win7 for the latest games. it wasn't omitted coz XP was too old.

XPSP3 - after this service pack, XP became both stable and lighter on resources. you didnt need a machine with 512MB ram to run it. 256MB was enough.

While Win7 is an upgrade, only time will tell if they use it for 7+ years.

MidnytRain2111d ago

**** you guys. I'm rockin' Windows 98 and that's all I need.

evil_element2111d ago

Shut up ^^ I'm still rocking Windows 1.0

Speed-Racer2110d ago

@pandehz - Good luck running Flash on that.

attilayavuzer2110d ago

God I remember having to launch games through DOS...

Terminal Velocity still pisses me off when I think about it

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Finalfantasykid2110d ago

XP is terrible, for me mainly because of it's Window Manager. It feels so dated compared to newer Window Managers. Trying to organize windows on the screen is so clunky compared to the Windows 7 one or pretty much every Linux Window Manager.

-Superman-2110d ago

Windows 7 is the Best Windows ever!

badz1492110d ago

XP was the best even compared to the lackluster Vista which is already widely regarded as a FAILURE! but with 7, everything went great again, and you got to be kidding yourself if you say XP is better than 7!

fatstarr2110d ago

windows 7 is the best OS created by ms
then its xp
then its 98 with usb support

but nice article

MEsoJD2110d ago

Windows 7 says hi. Anyway I used XP for years before 7 came out, and I must say that it was a great upgrade. Hell in my opinion, it's the best OS out there. As for 8... no thanks.

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jerethdagryphon2110d ago

it maynot havbe been good for gaming but win2k was stable as a rock never had issues with it

fatstarr2110d ago

most people confuse me and 2000
I had both
2000 wasnt bad it was like a more stable 98
me was the consumer edition which was the vista of the time
horrible and virus ridden
but xp redeemed it

making me feel old. the slow ram sticks 20gb hard disks whats a gpu? lol the older days.

shockdude2110d ago

W8 would actually be pretty good if they removed Metro and all these unuseful POS apps. They should bring back the start menu.

Treian2110d ago

windows 8 is the worst

AO1JMM2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

Forget all of you guys. I'm rocking the highly stable and BSOD incapable Windows ME.


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