Microsoft, It's Time To Retire Windows

TG - "This is supposed to be Windows? This isn't Windows. Are they nuts?"

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Shackdaddy8362622d ago

I'm sticking to windows 7. That tile thing just looks so dumb to me...

Peaceful_Jelly2622d ago

it looks like that because that's the GUI for touch-based devices, the Win8 for desktops still has the exact same interface as Win7. Most of the improvements will be "under the hood".

BubbleSniper2622d ago

lol@chrome in the picture

Knghtz2622d ago

Haha just noticed that. Awesome

mcstorm2622d ago

I cant wait for windows 8 to come out as it is what all touch devices need. Yes Ipad and Android tablets are good but having a fully working Desktop pc in a tablet then it will be the end of the Android and Ipad tablets. Plus with MS making all pc's Tablets phone and consoles having the same interface it will help people when they move for one device to another they wont have to work out how to work the different devices and it will be good to have your data on all the devices no matter which one you pickup.

If you look at what MS are doing at the moment you can see why they have been slow to the Phone and tablet market it because they have been working on bringing them all together and I think this will help MS in the long run and the Windows Name will start to grow again like it did when they released windows 95.

El_Colombiano2622d ago

Windows will never be successful in anything other than the desktop and laptop market. Android has the highest percent adoption following iOS.

mcstorm2622d ago

I agree with you that at this moment in time Android and IOS are the top of the market at this moment in time but have you used WP7? and seen whats coming in the mango update as well as Windows 8? MS were slow at getting them all released but the IT industry changes very quickly and what MS has lined up and the way they are pushing everything now they will soon be up there with apple and Android. Look at the xbox name for example how that has grown over the last 10 years or even how Bing has grown over the last 2 years.

MS fell behind every one because they never offered good enough technology compaired to google or apple in there devices but MS have noticed this and being aggressive with advertising MS will mange to get there devices in there with Apple and Google. Look at the company's they have backing them in mobile you have Nokia HTC Samsung Dell, Tablets will be every one who supports windows now so MS have the big names backing them up too.

ngecenk2622d ago

yeah... wake me up when thats happened! wp7 is a burden for ms, they had more than trouble advertising it and gain too little. what does mango brought is nothing compared to the iOS5 presentation at wwdc. ms is one step behind and they refuse to run faster.

Wikkid6662622d ago

I guess we will see when Nokia starts pumping out the WP7 os on their phones. Since Nokia is the largest phone company in the world I'm sure MS market share will move greatly.

joeorc2622d ago

"then it will be the end of the Android and Ipad tablets."

get rid of Android?

Hold on a sec...LMAO

really get rid of Android..hahahaha

let me introduce to you Windroid


gamingdroid2622d ago

I own a WP7 phone and love it. The minimalistic and simplicity, yet functional and fast UI is the best out there. Android and iOS might have the market share, but in the long term I think MS has a shot.

The Metro interface really is a step above the rest. MS actually made an excellent product this time around!

hazeblaze2622d ago

It is interesting, but I doubt it will best Android or ipad tablets. Windows has been on tablets for years now.... and the standard windows GUI doesn't translate as well to touch screen. Also.... look at how poorly WP7 is performing in the market. The tile interface is ugly, and that's enough to deter most consumers by itself.

If the touch interface works well in the win7 environment, I'll definitely give it a try though.

jerethdagryphon2622d ago

having xbox live on pc isnt going to make people want to use it pc is an open archtecture if ms trys to close it devs and users will jump ship in droves

Strange_Evil2622d ago

Windows will never have a strong footing in the mobile market since it's going against 2 of the best advertisers in the market. The reason Xbox is even relevant as of now, is cause Sony made blunders with the price and there is a cultural detachment of US and Japan which Sony didn't understand at the start and hence the stupid ads which let 360 hold it's ground.

You cannot compare that the same will happen with the mobile market since Apple and Google are unforgiving companies in terms of marketing and have as deep pockets as MS (Even deeper in case of Apple). Apple marketing is second to none. And this isn't like a console refresh cycle where every 1 starts from scratch to build an audience. iOS already has 200 million users and those aren't gonna jump ship... Same with Android. People care less about fancy interface as opposed to functionality and ease of use and both Apple and Google have the market by the throat in those fields.

It's just too late. They waited 4 years to launch a worthy competitor to the iPhone... You cannot capture a market after such a long head start is given to the opponent.

mcstorm2622d ago

You all have a point but who was leading the Mobile Market before Apple and Google? things change over time. I never said There will not be room on the market for Apple Android and Microsoft as there is more than enough room but MS + Nokia is a strong link and nokia's biggest problem over the last few years has been software causing the problem not hard ware as Nokia phone are one of the best built on the Market so add this with a solid OS in Windows Phone with Mango and they will start to move up the ladder in the market. It will work out well for both of them. But the mobile market is not the PC market and has room for more then one OS.

Argento-Nox2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )


I understand where your coming from, but I think there's some things you need to consider. My cousin works at MS and I have seen a Mango software beta and it's the most functional OS compared to iOS and even Android (which is what I have). The thing is, I can't see WP8 taking over android any time soon if ever, since Android is free for other companies to use. If there's a fee for every phone using WP8 that must be paid by the manufacturer (phone, tablet), it'll be a hindrance to WP8 adoption date from the start.

You should note that Android at the beginning was expected to overtake all other phone OS's by about 2013-2014. As of May it already overtook Nokia's symbian OS, just 3 years after being released. The other thing to consider is marketing and mindshare. Android didn't really take off until there was a successful Droid X campaign. I'm from Canada and Google has very smartly advertised itself in one of the free newspaper available at practically every transit stop. WP7 had a terrible marketing here when it 1st came out. When I spoke to a friend about the new WP7 phones when she was looking for a new phone, her response was "Microsoft has phones?". That's when I realized that WP7 has pretty much non-existant mindshare amongst average phone users.

I take transit every day to work every day and I take note of phones/tablets/portable handhelds, b/c I follow tech/game news daily. All I ever see is Androids, iOS devices and blackberry. I have yet to see even a handful of WP7 phones, not good considering I live in Vancouver where everyone is going Canucks crazy, one of the biggest cities in Canada and known worldwide.

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trollpolice2622d ago

windows 8 will own on desktop and on laptops and on tablets. I am sure the interface will also be like that on desktop the man said on the video instead of touch it will be with mouse. looks awesome! this article is lame and stupid.

Speed-Racer2622d ago

That makes no sense. Other than the tiled start menu, it's pretty much Windows 7 with the Office style ribbon menus. I'll keep my Win7 until they come up with something groundbreaking.

mcstorm2622d ago

The problem with MS showing off Windows 8 is that Office and other products were not shown off because it was just about Windows 8 but as MS said that when Windows 8 comes out it will have a office designed to be used with windows 8 as well as other programs, but they have included the Windows 7 switcher for any programs that do not use the Windows 8 interface.

Argento-Nox2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

I can see Windows 8 doing well in it's traditional computer user base, but I can't see it being a huge game changer in the tablet/phone market yet. The Nokia switch to WP8 will help, but Nokia like MS has terrible mindshare among the general public where the "it" products either have iOS or Android.

I will wait and see, but I can't picture WP8 taking Androids place, simply b/c Google very smartly made Android free to adoption by phone/tablet manufacturers. Look at the tablet market where Android is expected to sell a measly million units this year among all it's manufacturers (Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, HTC, Motorola etc.), compared to the 15+ million Apple ipads that will sell this year and you'll see that WP8 has a very tough uphill battle they're losing every month that slips by. MS needs another $500 million dollar kinect sized campaign when they release WP8.

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