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Microsoft just did what Google could not

Neowin: "Microsoft and Google’s strategies are quite similar in the mobile space. They each have a mobile OS, third party hardware vendors (excluding the Moto-Google deal), and have to wait for carriers to provide the updates to their hardware. But where these two differ is on their OS strategy: While Microsoft has a walled garden approach to its OS, Google is more liberal with its platform.

When you look at Google, they literally have dozens of different devices and different platforms out on the market. For Google, updating their devices is not as easy because of numerous manufactures and various versions of the OS."

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Prophet-Gamer2426d ago

I'll always prefer the more open software over anything else, so Android it is. Now I'm just waiting for a Solid Android tablet so I can leave my iPad behind.

badz1492426d ago

Galaxy Tab 10.1 is already the better tablet overall compared to iPad imo!

jacksons982425d ago

"Now I'm just waiting for a Solid Android tablet"
ASUS EEE Transformer, I've got one and it's every bit as good as the Ipad which I also own. Advantages are the keyboard dock, HDMI port and expandable storage.

Prophet-Gamer2425d ago

Expandable storage is must imo. The one thing I hate about Apple! Well, it's not just one thing, lol, there's many things I dislike about Apple but nonetheless I somehow have a strange attraction to their devices. Marketing at it's finest I suppose. Anyways, gonna check out that tablet you mentioned, thanks man.

Baka-akaB2426d ago (Edited 2426d ago )

Meh . There arent a lot of hardware out for Win phone 7 to begin with .

And microsoft even controls what the carriers do with it , so i dont see such a big feat . It is pretty much almost same as apple updating smoothly all iphones or releasing a regular windows update ...

Soldierone2426d ago

Still waiting for Gingerbread to hit my Droid 2 Global, however it wasn't Googles fault. According to reports its Motorola that is having the issues rolling it out, what a surprise huh?

Thats the thing. If anything is wrong on Googles part, they should simply choose "better" companies. LG phones are rather nice and Android on Sony and Samsung phones work perfectly. Most of the "issues" arise from Moto and the cheap stuff. Plus phone people should tell you what cheap phones shouldn't be getting updates before you buy them. Along with that Google could easily implement guidelines everyone must follow to help things run more smoothly.

As for Microsoft I still dont like their mobile department. Someone tell me why my Zune HD was left in the dust the second Windows phone 7 came out? I expect that from Apple, but come on MS....

Google might have "issues" rolling out their software updates, but even the older Droids are expected to get updates. Something I wouldn't expect MS to do at all. There are as many "flawless" phones getting gingerbread as there are MS phones getting their updates.

TheEatingVodka2426d ago

WP7 is the best and I'm happy Microsoft didn't let all those manufacturers change its appearance or add and remove stuff they like..

MorgasmM2426d ago

This is an awesome thing for phones now? Ok....Uhmm...Who else complains like crazy when they restart their computers and have to wait for Windows Updates to take place?

***raises hand***

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