Windows 8 Unveiled: Good and Bad - FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: Today, Windows president Steven Sinofsky demoed the newest version of Microsoft’s juggernaut operating system. It started out as very exciting, and then they showed the rest of it…

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Speed-Racer2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

Good for tablet/touchscreen devices
Bad for other users since it's windows 7 all prettied up in windows mobile 7 skin.

mcstorm2579d ago

Looks really good and although it seems to be a skin ontop of windows 7 I think MS are going in the right direction in all there devisions.

Making Windows OS Windows Phone 7 Tablets Slates Laptops ect all look more or less the same is a good idea as it means you can pickup any device and just start using it without having to figger out what option dose what.

For years I have wondered why MS have kept all there OS's different and never brought them all together but it looks like MS as a company is starting to input each system into another to get the best of what MS has to offer.

If anyone has used a WP7 and seen this video you can notice alot of things that are alike on the two OS's and how easy they both are to use and how smooth the OS runs.

I think MS has started to turn the corner to being the big boy in the market again and Apple and Google must start to see MS will be a force to compete with again over the next few years in all departments.


So why should I upgrade to windows 8 again?

likedamaster2578d ago

Makes sense for tablets. Think iPad.

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