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CastleOS announces the CastleHUB for Home Use, Featuring Voice Control with Cortana and Kinect

18h ago - Using Cortana on Windows 10, or the Kinect for far-field control in a room, you can speak to your... | Industry

Here's how to force Download Windows 10 update on your computer

18h ago - Microsoft released the Windows 10 for everyone as a free upgrade program which can be availed wit... | Software

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate Independence Day with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Xbox One, Windows 10 & HoloLens to Share Universal Store

19h ago - VRFocus reports on the revelation that the HoloLens will, in time, share a digital store with Win... | Gadgets

Microsoft boss Nadella on Windows 10

1d 13h ago - BBC America: Satya Nadella has been at the helm at Microsoft since February 2014. Windows 10, whi... | Industry

How To: Upgrade to Windows 10 or do a clean installation

1d 18h ago - Welcome to our new series of Windows 10 guides which will show you everything you need to know ab... | Software

How To: Dual-boot Windows 10 with Windows 7 or 8.1

1d 18h ago - Dual-boot Windows 10 with your current Windows 7 or 8.1 system without having to worry about mess... | Software

25 questions you should ask Cortana on Windows 10 right now

1d 21h ago - Once you install Windows 10, the first thing that you'll probably wanna try out is Microsoft's Vo... | Gadgets

Windows 10: Microsoft under attack over privacy

3d ago - The Guardian: From personalised ads in Solitaire to an address book-reading personal assistant, s... | Software

Oculus 'working as quickly as possible' to Bring Rift to Windows 10

5d ago - VRFocus reports on Oculus VR reiterating that it is 'working as quickly as possible' to get the O... | Gadgets

Nextbook Flexx 8 Windows Tablet Introduced

5d ago - E FUN announces the newest member of its Flexx family of tablets, the Nextbook Flexx 8. This 8″ t... | Gadgets

Oculus on Windows 10: ‘Support is coming’

11d ago - VRFocus reports on the current state of Windows 10 support for the Oculus Rift, which is currentl... | Gadgets

Xbox VR Update: Stage 1 of a 3 Stage Plan

13d ago - VRFocus: This week saw the arrival of the latest Xbox One dashboard update, OS version 6.2.13194.... | Gadgets

Update Windows Now to Avoid Hijacking Threat

14d ago - Maximum PC: In a rare move, Microsoft has issued an out-of-band (read: emergency) security patch... | Software

Goodbye and good riddance to Windows 8

15d ago - MWEB TechnoZone writes: "There will not be too many tears shed over the demise of Windows 8.... | Culture

PC Versus Mac: Whoever Wins, We Lose

19d ago - Lifehacker: "The release of Windows 10 is imminent, and the hype machine is in full flow. Meanwhi... | PC hardware

Exclusive: CEO Nadella talks Microsoft's mobile ambitions, Windows 10 strategy, HoloLens and more

20d ago - ZDNet: Minutes after he left the Worldwide Partner Conference stage after delivering a keynote fo... | Industry

Windows 10: more Microsoft apps are coming to Android and iPhone

20d ago - The Guardian: Chief executive Satya Nadella says Microsoft is not getting out of mobile, but stra... | Software

Microsoft plans Windows 10 launch with 'upgrading the world' theme

21d ago - Microsoft's multi-million-dollar Windows 10 ad and marketing campaign will be focused on 'upgradi... | Software

Is Hololens Microsoft's Answer to Google Glass?

22d ago - We may have already known that Windows 10 was coming, but further details on the latest installme... | Gadgets

Analysis: Nadella threatens to consign Microsoft to a future of desktop obscurity

26d ago - Ballmer's vision is undone, with nothing coherent to replace it. | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Xbox Music Renamed To Groove Due To Confusion

26d ago - Xbox Music has been renamed to Groove for the incoming Windows 10 Operating System | Industry

Windows 10 gets its own Minecraft, coming July 29

31d ago - Minecraft: Windows 10 Beta Edition adds more controls and GameDVR support, and won't cost a dime... | Software

Should Microsoft Offer A Free Upgrade To Windows 10 For Pirates?

31d ago - Should Windows 10 be free for Pirates as well? | Industry

Windows 10 may not reach you on its July 29 launch date

31d ago - With much riding on the new version of its marquee software, Microsoft opts for caution and says... | Industry

Here’s How Microsoft Will Release Windows 10

32d ago - TechCrunch: After some general market confusion and bad headline writing, Microsoft this morn... | Software
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