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Microsoft’s wearable is coming ‘within weeks’, according to report

3h ago - Microsoft's planning a wearable, but will it run Windows 10? | Gadgets

NATO targeted by Russian hackers

5d ago - Russian hackers have exploited a Microsoft Windows bug so that they could spy on NATO and governm... | Industry

Skype for Windows and Mac Redesigned With Chat Focus

9d ago - Skype on Thursday announced a new redesign for its desktop Windows and OS X applications that put... | Software

Lenovo launches four Yoga Tablet 2 models, both Android and Windows

9d ago - The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro isn’t the only new tablet Lenovo’s got to announce today, though wit... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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8 and 10-inch Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows and Android released; Specs and price

10d ago - Techprezz: Lenovo has introduced 4 new Yoga tablets, 8 and 10 inch models with Android or Windows... | Gadgets

Google launches new Hangouts App for Windows and Chrome OS

10d ago - Techprezz: Google has launched a new Hangouts app for Windows and Chrome OS. The app replaces the... | Web

Microsoft would only require $7 per user to make Windows 10 free

13d ago - With all of the excitement of Windows 10, one thing that has been left unanswered is the pricing... | Industry

Windows 95 on Android Wear – Why?

14d ago - What happens when you mix a little too much time on your hands and Android Wear? Windows 95. | Culture

Microsoft to offer premium features on sub-$100 phones

14d ago - Microsoft Mobiles will bring premium features like search engine Bing and One Drive storage solut... | Phones

VLC for Windows 8.1 released, get it in the Windows Store now!

15d ago - VLC for Windows 8.1 is now available on the store! It is the same link for Windows 8, and you can... | Software

Windows 10 preview to be available on phone and ARM devices “well in to 2015″

16d ago - Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore answered a question on Twitter regarding when the Windows 10- technical... | Software

Is Windows 95 the reason Microsoft skipped Windows 9?

17d ago - This Tuesday Microsoft revealed to the world their new operating system Windows 10, leaving many... | Industry

Popzara Podcast E3.02 Seven Ate Nine: Windows 10

17d ago - With Windows 10 slated for a late 2015 release there’s plenty of surprises in store for anxious W... | Culture

Hands-on with the Windows 10 Start menu—as big or as small as you want it

17d ago - The redesigned Start menu is one of the biggest changes in Windows 10 and probably the first most... | Software

Windows 7 still grows while Windows 8/8.1 shrinks a little, Windows 10 can’t come soon enough

18d ago - Net Applications has just released some new numbers for market share of Desktop operating syste... | Software

HP, Microsoft reinvent the netbook with fanless $199 Stream machine

18d ago - Hewlett-Packard, makers of traditionally high-quality portable machines, has unveiled what it thi... | PC hardware

How to install Windows 10 Preview in VirtualBox or PC in a Few Minutes

18d ago - Techprezz: Microsoft announced its latest iteration of Windows dubbed Windows 10 and the company... | Software

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview Today

19d ago - Techprezz: Microsoft announced its most anticipated operating system since its Windows 8 release,... | Software

Watch Microsoft’s Windows 10 press event in its full Glory

19d ago - Windows 10 is a huge opportunity for Microsoft as the tablet and desktop experience look as if th... | Software

Windows 9 to truly embrace the mobile first cloud first mantra

19d ago - This telemetry data will play a big role in the way Windows evolves as Microsoft will be able to... | Software

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What to expect from today's unveiling of Windows 9/Threshold

20d ago - Today at 10 AM PT/1PM ET Microsoft is gearing up to announce the next generation of its flagship... | Industry

Microsoft reveals 'Windows TH' naming on new Technical Preview site

22d ago - Microsoft is expected to name its upcoming Windows release next week, but the company has acciden... | Web

New tablet from Pipo could be the cheapest Windows tablet yet

23d ago - While tablets like the Surface Pro 3 are usually the ones that gather the most attention, it is a... | Gadgets

Microsoft is the 3rd largest Windows OEM by volume

24d ago - Every month, Ad Duplex releases a report for Windows Phone that shows how each device is selling... | Gadgets

Apple still using 13 year old Windows XP in its iPhone 6 testing labs, must be waiting for Windows 9

24d ago - There’s been a lot of drama about the iPhone 6 and the bending issues, with many people allegedly... | Gadgets
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