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Windows 10's new music app looks like Microsoft's version of Spotify

11h ago - Microsoft has been previewing some updates to its music and video apps for Windows 10 recently, b... | Software

How Windows 10 will change smartphones forever

1d 13h ago - After years of relative obscurity in the world of smartphones – Windows Phone, despite having som... | Software

Cortana Comes to iOS and Android as Microsoft Embraces All Mobile Users

1d 13h ago - The developers of Windows 10 have given what amounts to a humble admission that most users of the... | Industry

Insight - Apple, Android app makers cool to Microsoft overtures

7d ago - Reuters: Microsoft's plan to make its new version of Windows a mobile hit by letting it accept tw... | Software

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Microsoft will charge for Windows 10 upgrades after one-year freebie offer lapses

8d ago - Microsoft long ago revealed that current Windows 7 and 8 users will be able to upgrade to Windows... | Software

How to Run Ubuntu from a USB drive

9d ago - Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a run Ubuntu from a USB drive on your Windows computer wi... | Web

Microsoft says it's taking over updates for Windows 10 Mobile devices

10d ago - It's not exactly Android-style fragmentation, but Windows Phone users are perennially frustrated... | Gadgets

Oculus Drops PC & Linux Development to Focus on Windows

10d ago - Oculus Rift specs released on Friday show that Mac and Linux owners won't be getting a chance to... | Gadgets

New Microsoft Edge features revealed in latest Windows 10 leak

11d ago - A recent leak of Windows 10 build 10123 — the current build available to Windows Insider is 10074... | Software

Use iPad as Windows’ Second Monitor With Duet Display

13d ago - TechFrag - Duet Display now allows users to use an iPad as their second display for Windows. You... | Software

There’s going to be a whole bunch of Windows 10 versions

14d ago - Every time Microsoft develops a new version of Windows, people hope that there will be fewer vari... | Software

How will Android support work in Windows 10 for Phones?

16d ago - When Windows 10 for Phones launches later in the year, you'll be able to run Android apps on phon... | Gadgets

Windows 10 RTM upgrade will be free for Windows Insiders

16d ago - Head of Windows Insiders Gabriel Aul who has confirmed on Twitter that all members participated i... | Software

Microsoft confirms there will be no Windows 11

16d ago - Microsoft says that Windows 10 will be its final release of the iconic operating system that's in... | Software

Global Windows 10 marketshare nearly doubled in one quarter

20d ago - Two independent analyst firms have started to track Windows 10, with some promising indications a... | Software

Microsoft Logs IP Addresses to Catch Windows 7 Pirates

21d ago - A presumed pirate with an unusually large appetite for activating Windows 7 has incurred the wrat... | Web

Windows 10 gives everyone the middle finger

21d ago - Not all pictures are worth a thousand words. | Software

Windows 10 can tap Cortana for help with data analysis

22d ago - Users of the upcoming version of Windows will be able to call on its Cortana voice-driven virtual... | Software

A new logo for Windows new browser revealed by Microsoft

24d ago - Overall, this is a pretty good rebranding, as it shows some consistency and will not get the user... | Culture

Windows 10 won't launch on phones this summer

26d ago - While Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 10 on PCs this summer, the phone part of the operat... | Gadgets

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Microsoft Announces Continuum, Turning Windows 10 Phones Into Desktops

27d ago - Microsoft just demonstrated one of the intriguing possibilities from its single platform/multiple... | Gadgets

What to expect from Microsoft's most important event of the year

29d ago - For Microsoft, 2015 is a year of adjustment. While the software giant focuses its efforts across... | Industry

Microsoft Lumia 435, the best choice for teenagers

31d ago - Traditionally, the Lumia range 5xx models were the cheapest options from Nokia Lumia 520 which ha... | Gadgets

Microsoft’s Q3 2015 – Cloud Doubles as Nadella Reformation Spreads

32d ago - At the age of 40, some think that Microsoft should just defer to the new kids on the block and be... | Industry

Microsoft Takes Pirated Windows NT 4.0 Source Code Offline

40d ago - Windows NT 4.0 may be nearly two decades old but that doesn't mean that Microsoft wants its sensi... | Software
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