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Download Windows 8 Final Version [Official And Mirror Link]

WML Cloud Writes - The final build of Windows 8 is finally available for download.

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evil_element1942d ago

Download your copy of Vista now :)

Wikkid6661942d ago

Nice try at trolling... Vista w/SP2 = Windows 7, so it's actually a good OS.

Windows 8 is an expanded version of 7 with a new start screen.

evil_element1942d ago

keep telling your self that.

Wikkid6661939d ago

Don't need to keep stating a fact. Ignorance is bliss.

simonrope1942d ago

Ill come back here in a years time, just to laugh at how well windows 8 is doing :)

konnerbllb1942d ago

sarcasm meter is off the charts!

.. I agree.

evil_element1942d ago

Dont worry, theres ppl still out there who still use the 3 wheeled car and say its the best. Who are the 4 wheel car owners to argue.

BryanBegins1942d ago

Lemme guess, another Mac head who hasn't even tried Windows 7...

-Superman-1942d ago

Windows 98 - Win
Windows Me - Fail
Windows XP - Win
Vista - Fail
Windows 7 - Win
Windows 8 - Fail

sagapo1942d ago

I wouldn't call Win 98 "win", although it was a big step forward from Win 95 (big fail)
Win XP was imho the first decent version.

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m2stech1942d ago

It's a known fact that the previous windows version before the good windows versions are terrible and will fail...win98 was great but win95 sucked, winxp was great but winme sucked, win7 was great but vista sucked, so basically win8 will suck but microsoft will soon release win9 which probably would be great too!

konnerbllb1942d ago

Can't wait for windows 9

DeFFeR1942d ago

Screw that... Windows 11 bitches. I saw VR stills and holograms of it - juuuuust you wait.

fatstarr1942d ago

Giving this a try just to have some spare oses lying around.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1942d ago

Windows 8 gets performance and searching right. Nothing else.

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The story is too old to be commented.