No Windows 8 for Pirates

Noble Press: This morning at MWC in Barcelona Microsoft release the Windows 8 Developer Preview. Little did anyone expect to see a "enter product key" phase pre-installation. This means that anyone that is willing to test out this BETA product MUST have a Windows 7 or Windows Vista key.

Currently there is no way to install Windows 8 on a illegitimate copy of Windows 7 or Vista.

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fatstarr1822d ago

Am i missing something?
how am I supposed to do a clean install?

D2-E21822d ago

As far as we have found it is not possible to do a clean update... it must be upgraded.

Lazyeye791822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

So wait, if I want to add windows 8 to a computer with Linux, I will first have to buy and install windows 7 and then install windows 8?

Windows 8 better be free with a purchase of windows 7.

zag1821d ago

It's the Windows 8 beta.

Not the full version which isn't out yet.

The betas wouldn't be much use for a dailly used computer, have bugs etc, lots of Windows 7 beta users complained about how there wasn't any drivers for it but that's due to needing all new windows 7 drivers which 99% of stuff didn't have or you couldn't easily get them.

C_Menz1822d ago

Sucks for those who pirated Windows 7/Vista but if you actually do pirate stuff like this you have to expect some downsides.

simonrope1822d ago

As if, it will be cracked.

shockdude1822d ago


Should work.

Speed-Racer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

The serial you need to install the preview. I don't know if it's the same for all, but that one seems to work.

KingME1821d ago

That was so arrogant and stupid. Some people just don't get it.

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Speed-Racer1822d ago

Pffff yea will be cracked by tonight.

Gamer19821821d ago

And who cares anyway? W8 is being developed for Tablets solely. It will be compatible with PC's but it was designed for tablets to combat iOS and Android.

Speed-Racer1821d ago

Exactly. I'll be hanging around for Windows 9. Windows 7 is fine enough and could last another 5-10 years for the matter.

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The story is too old to be commented.