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If You Run A Facebook Page, Expect The Like Count To Drop Soon

2h ago - Do you run a Facebook Page? Heads up: your page’s “Like” count is probably going to drop a bit so... | Services

Facebook now allows you to view larger version of private profile pictures

4d ago - If you haven’t noticed it yet, you can now view anyone’s current Facebook profile picture in its... | Web

Facebook Adds Custom Gender Options

6d ago - Facebook Diversity announced today that they have expanded their offered list of gender identitie... | Web

‎Facebook‬ tries its hands at ‪suicideprevention‬

7d ago - "Facebook has rolled out a new feature today, which tries to prevent suicides from happening. The... | Web

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Facebook: 60% Of World Has Never Been Online

7d ago - A study has been completed by Internet.org, a group led by Facebook, that shows just how many peo... | Industry

The chat battle between Facebook, Google, and Microsoft escalates

8d ago - Read about the latest battle developing between Microsoft, Facebook and and Google, the search en... | Industry

Facebook Reports 2 Million Active Advertisers

8d ago - Facebook has reached a new advertising milestone. The social network now says it has 2 million ad... | Industry

Belgian groups deem Facebook's updated terms of service agreement unlawful in Europe

9d ago - Two groups, one a team of lawyers, the other made up of media consultants have together concluded... | Culture

Zuckerberg: Facebook Access Should Be Like 911

12d ago - Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has said access to the social network and other important onlin... | Web

Facebook Is Working on Virtual-Reality Apps (That It Thinks Beyoncé Will Use)

15d ago - Turns out that some of Facebook’s plans for VR may involve content produced by its own users — as... | Hi-tech

How to turn off those pesky new chirping sounds in Facebook

16d ago - Facebook just rolled out an update to its mobile app that adds chirping sounds anytime you tap a... | Audio

Native Americans Say Facebook Is Accusing Them of Using Fake Names

21d ago - Dana Lone Hill tried logging on to Facebook last Monday only to be locked out because the social... | Culture

What Happnes To Your Facebook When You Die?

21d ago - Now you can give someone power of attorney over your digital life. Today Facebook began letting u... | Web

Facebook Takes Internet.org And Its Free Mobile Data Services To India

22d ago - Facebook’s Internet.org project to provide basic mobile internet services for free just took its... | Web

Facebook's ThreatExchange is a social platform for sharing cybersecurity threats

23d ago - Facebook on Wednesday launched a new platform called ThreatExchange for security professionals to... | Web

Facebook’s DeepFace AI can recognize you in nearly any photo

24d ago - The more time goes by the more obvious it becomes that Minority Report was as good at predicting... | Software

If Facebook Use Causes Envy, Depression Could Follow

29d ago - How Facebook users use the site makes a difference in how they respond to it. | Culture

New Facebook mobile app targets bandwidth starved territories

30d ago - Facebook has launched an alternative app for their social network, ideally suited for emerging ma... | Software

This is what "The Facebook" would have looked like in the 90's

39d ago - Imagine if Facebook was around back in the 90's? Luckily for us, this video depicts exactly how i... | Culture

HoloLens Apps: Exploring the Potential of Netflix, Facebook and More

42d ago - VRFocus- Microsoft’s Windows 10 briefing yesterday unveiled its new hologram-based augmented real... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Facebook is introducing Amber Alerts into your newsfeed

51d ago - Facebook is teaming up with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to send AMBER... | Culture

Oculus: People 'still sceptical' about Facebook Deal

58d ago - VRFocus-Nate Mitchell co-founder of Oculus VR had an interview at 2015 Consumer Electronic Show (... | Industry

The Channel 13 Facebook Hoax. Your Data Is Never Private

59d ago - NRM: "So many of you have probably seen long Facebook statuses talking about 'Channel 13,' procla... | Web

Facebook is the new AOL

59d ago - The Verge: "Just think about it for a minute. Of course Facebook is the new AOL. Facebook is the... | Culture

Facebook Sued Over Alleged Scanning of Private Messages

70d ago - Facebook Inc. (FB) was sued over allegations it systematically intercepts its users private messa... | Industry
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