How George Takei Conquered Facebook

Forbes : George Takei earned his fame on the original Star Trek for playing Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the Enterprise, and later Captain Sulu of the Excelsior in the movies.

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Speed-Racer1922d ago

I don't have any problems with the guy or anything, legendary actor indeed, but he's just doing like any other of those funny Facebook pages and taking content from 4chan and reddit and reposting it. I had to unsubscribe from his page because everything he posted, I had seen earlier on Reddit. Oh well, at least other people are getting a laugh out of it.

AgentWhite1922d ago

He added the quality stuff from different sources as you have already told , Since million or user are not using reddit . This page is good for them and making them laugh .

Speed-Racer1922d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Pretty sure Reddit has more users than his Facebook page.

Noctis Aftermath1921d ago

It's not about which has more users, it's about people who don't go to reddit and use facebook.

Speed-Racer1921d ago

That's true. I strayed away from my point though. What he did isn't really groundbreaking. Pretty much anyone could do what he did. Just get the ball rolling with a few friends, post some funny pics every day and keep it up. I remember a time when there were actual pictures of people...all I see now are endless comic memes.

sikbeta1921d ago

Facebook is more popular, the guy takes content from these pages not suited to everyone, (honestly /B/ is disgusting 90% of the time) upload it to his own pages and that's it, you have funny s*** without dealing with the other kind of s*** :P

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AgentWhite1922d ago

ha ha ha ,,,,reddit is way ahead . You are right .

Lelldorianx1921d ago

Doesn't matter - just because something's been posted doesn't mean it can't be reposted. Everything on Reddit is a repost, anyway.

Speed-Racer1921d ago

haha don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people out there will enjoy.

AgentWhite1921d ago

Its the quality of the content that matters and followers too .

Captain Tuttle1920d ago

He's the Facebook version of the Wii...clever internet memes for casual users.