Facebook did what they should have done ages ago

Looks like Facebook finally did something useful by offering users the ability to search for specific posts.

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KnowTechie1318d ago

Oh hey, Facebook finally did something useful!

Spiewie 1317d ago

Sounds cool and all but I don't see myself needing this function for Facebook.

BLAKHOODe1317d ago

Facebook? What's Facebook?

Plagasx1317d ago

The site you use to stalk that girl you like so much.

UltraNova1317d ago

...and your ex. She's sure as hell doing it!

BLAKHOODe1317d ago

Emma Stone? She's on Facebook? I better sign up.

feedthereaper1317d ago

This is the most perfect trolling tool ever created. Now people can actually search back 5 years to find that one post where "someone" made a nasty comment to "someone else" and how it can now be brought up in all future arguments and trolling!

What next? Instagram enabling a food search so you can see what breakfast you took a picture off on December 11th 2012?

1312d ago
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