Woman files $123M suit against Facebook over photoshopped nude photos

Houston woman Meryem Ali has filed a $123-million lawsuit against both Facebook and a former friend who posted a picture of her on an "imposter" Facebook profile under her name, according to Texas Lawyer.

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proudly_X906d ago

How is this a Facebook problem? Maybe I'm missing something here..

Lord Anubis905d ago

simple, refusing to take down the site until contacted by police.

If you ever have someone impersonate you in facebook, submit a report and have facebook take it down, unfortunately it takes facebook ages. the impersonator i reported is still up :(

kingjosh1876905d ago

Ridiculous to ask for so much, as if she was caused $123 million worth of damage.

Speed-Racer905d ago

Do you know what filing for damages means?

wannabe gamer904d ago

u dont ask for what you want you ask for what u can negotiate down from to get what you want. otherwise u end up with nothing after legal fees

anwe905d ago

If the photos are fake whats the big deal. Oh, I know, shes trying to make bank.

cell989905d ago

so how do we know she didnt do this herself, hired someone else to post them/ photoshop them, then claim shes a victim of FaceBook ?

slinky123456905d ago (Edited 905d ago )

That's where an investigation will come into play. If she did do it she will be charged for it.

ajax17905d ago

I hate people like her.

nix904d ago (Edited 904d ago )

what? someone made a fake account with her name.. posted porn like pics of her using photoshop.. she complained to FB about it last year.. the account is still active.. police had to intervene..

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