Get 1 million Facebook 'Likes' for sex -- and a puppy

Cnet: In one story, a girl tells a boy she will sleep with him if he gets 1 million Facebook Likes. In another, a dad tells his kids he will get them a puppy for the same "achievement." Is the world demented?

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Rashonality1977d ago

everytime i see your picture it reminds me of Jim from the office

and yeah, humanity is sinking to a new low yatayatayata...

searchbuzz1968d ago

Doppelgangers in action.

LackTrue4K1977d ago

Guy needs Facebook, to get pu55y?!
Ok....not really news is it??

Sarcasm1977d ago

It's going to be the best 15-20 seconds of his life.

ChrisW1977d ago

I wonder if their parents and family members also clicked like... WEEEEIIIRD!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.